Yet Another Transition; or Judiang Moves House

calm-movingIf you’ve been following my trials and tribulations over the last 3 1/2 years, then you know about the ups and downs of my illness, the battle, the job fiasco, the retirement, and the endless climb back to a fully functional life.  It caused an enormous financial strain I wasn’t mentally equipped to handle last year.  Then there was a severe relapse this past winter (which I will talk about another time) followed by the financial problems coming home to roost.   Suddenly I was land rich but so broke that friends and family stepped in to keep me afloat and offer grave advice.  So I bit the bullet – it was time to sell.  I called the realtor and signed the listing agreement.  Life came to a standstill while I dedicated all my energies to parting with a place and community I loved and don’t want to leave.

Nine days after signing on the dotted line, the condo was on the market.  Fourteen groups, an open house, and 11 days later, I had a contract.  The final dates materialized: closing day – Sept 5; walk-through Sept 4; moving day – Sept 3.  Two days until I leave; four days until financial solvency returns.  The move will be very bittersweet.  So what will I do now?

Because I won’t have a positive cash flow until after the closing, making final arrangements for a new place is on hold.  I’m in communication with one place and will get the ball rolling the moment the money hits my account.  In the meantime, my stuff goes into storage and I will stay with friends until things are sorted.  Patty the pomeranian is at her foster parent’s house during the transition.  Friends are texting, skyping, calling and making sure I stay focused.  (I’ll have to post later about my friends.  I may not have many, but the ones I have are absolutely incredible.  They are truly good, loving people.  Getting choked up just thinking about all they have done.)

Men have just taken away the sofa that’s just too big to fit properly in apartments.  It was 22 years old, so it had a good life.  It still looks good, so it will give another owner happiness.  The place is 95% packed.  In the next 24 hours, I’ll pack this computer.  Then the movers arrive first thing Wednesday and take away my stuff.  Then I’ll sweep, leave the keys for the realtor, and head to the train station with my suitcase.  It will be an austere send-off but that’s best.  Another door in my life will close, while another opens.  My friends say to look at this as a new adventure and I’m trying hard.

I will try to keep up with you all via  iDevices.

Oh, you may want to look for me on Twitter next week because of… things.  Just sayin’.

9 thoughts on “Yet Another Transition; or Judiang Moves House

  1. Dang, September sure showed up FAST. For some reason, Sept 5 seemed much further away than it is!

    I’m still damned proud of you for all of this. I know the inertia that was holding you back, and yet you pushed forward. That’s a strength that I wonder if I’d’ve had if the situations had been switched.

    So big virtual hugs for this next “grand adventure” that you are beginning. *hugs*

  2. Judi, I can’t begin to imagine how difficult all this must have been for you. Leaving your home without moving into a new home right away doesn’t make it any easier but I’m sure things will get better soon. A new beginning is possible at any time and it holds new opportunities as well. I wish you lots of luck and now you’ve made me wonder what’s going to happen next week. I’ll look out for your tweets! 😉

  3. My thoughts will be with you! I have a strong feeling your smarts and humor will get you through to better days!

  4. I truly hope it will be a good adventure for you, even though I know it is a wrenching brutal experience to leave so much behind. You’re in my thoughts as I wish you all the best.

  5. As my Granny would say: when God closes a door, He opens a window but it’s hell in the hallways. A bit of Irish wisdom 😉 good luck and God bless!

  6. Judi, that schedule is CRAZY!!!
    Counting the days every day along with you!! Looking forward to hearing your final settlement and plans!!! 🙂

  7. Dear Judiang, As you know, I followed your movers hiccup over on Twitter. Hope that everything went smoothly. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. May your new home be warm and welcoming. Looking forward to hearing how you’re doing. Love & Hugs! Grati ;->

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