Winston Goes to the Vet II or I Need My Drugs, Man

Dear Reader, you’re probably wondering what has happened to my usual posts, so I’m giving an update.

My black dog Winston has been been a little monster, clinging harder than velcro.  Trying to get the obedience regimen in place combined with the sometimes forced cheerfulness of the holiday season has him more hyper than Patty and that’s saying something.  Add to that the strain of daily blogging and I’ve needed a mental vacation. Typically, I would have taken a hiatus as in the past.  However that strategy led to extended periods of not writing that was hard to break. I grew tired of leaving, then making comebacks.  After awhile, that gets old.  Hence, I decided to do a string of Interlude posts to keep going this month.  It’s serving as a mental break without totally stopping.

Rest assured you won’t be forced to look at picture after picture of Richard Armitage the entire month.  I have a holiday treat in store extending for eight consecutive days during Christmas week.  During that time, my blog will be password protected, like it was for a certain excerpt. Interesting, eh?  I’ll leave you to mull over that.  Be sure to keep watching this space.

In the meantime, back to the RA Bag of Goodies for something sweet and calming.  How about RA reading you a bedtime story?  Jump into your jammies, grab you teddy, and have a listen.


Richard Armitage reading a story for Cbeebies, courtesy



6 thoughts on “Winston Goes to the Vet II or I Need My Drugs, Man

  1. Hi Judiang,
    You hang in there.  “Pets” can be annoying.  They gnaw on your Duncan Pfyfe dining room table, the door molding in the laundry room and the door knob trying to get out of the laundry room.  Then there is all paper shredding and paper eating that goes on–for some strange reason utilities expect to be paid, even if their invoice is in the belly of a beagle.  And finally, there is the issue of dog hair everywhere that clings to you like freckles–a hair badge saying, I’m a pet owner.  I could probably knit a sweater with the dog hair that we have to vacuum up all year round.  But I don’t really knit.  Ha!

    So, the moral of my story is to view dog teeth marks on furniture and such as “seasoning”, lost utility bill papers as automatic extensions on bills due, and dog hair as getting a “fur” coat that the PETA people can’t fault you for wearing.  Ha!

    So much for my meandering optimism.  Sleep well, dear friend.  Holiday Cheers!   Grati  ;->

  2. The Black Dog does not rule. You just keep posting – pics of you know who work for us.

    How young RA was in CBeebies – was he even 30? Gratia, I was more forgiving as a dog owner, than now of cats (they needed a home) but they are equally a nuisance.

    (And go get ‘im, Patty – Not “Hello, I’m Rchard”  – the DOG, Patty! )

  3. My dear departed cocker spaniel, Chester, ate most of the sofa and pulled the dining room carpet up…We once came home from an evening out to find my other cocker, Banjo, stood at the door wearing my daughter’s nightie…we’re still to this day puzzled by that one!!!

    Talking of night clothes, looking at that gorgeous piccy dosen’t exactly make me want to jump ‘into’  my jimjams if you get my drift xxxxxxxx



  4. Your picture of Winston looks so sweet. I am sorry that he is a nuisance. All the best to you and keep posting such lovely RA-treats. I hope they help you to get better and they surely help me ;o)

    I am very much looking forward to your Christmas week special !

  5. “Rest assured you won’t be forced to look at picture after picture of Richard Armitage the entire month.” I don’t see anything wrong with that, it’s like Christmas all month. I am glad that you are still posting and I can hardly wait to the eight day stretch. YAY!!!!!!

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