What me chat?

I have been working on a post that’s turned into a magnus opus with the point getting lost somewhere along the way.  Meanwhile it’s come to be attention that several people have visited the chat room, although not at the same time.

I think it’s time for creating a chat schedule.  Because we are located all over the world, I’m sure how to go about this.  Looking on Twitter, it seems that most of the North Americans, Europeans, and Aussies and Kiwis are acquainted with their respective groups.  One person from each group can organize a time beneficial for that region.  As I said, this room is available 24/7.  The important thing is if you arrive first in chat, stay awhile and lurk; others will show up soon.

I’ll start out by inviting everybody to come right now and start brainstorming!  Somebody should be there until midnight EST.

3 thoughts on “What me chat?

    • Very glad you found me! Yes, it was a lot of fun. We really need to get regular features going for the chatroom. Time to put on our thinking caps.

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