Welcome back!

Well, that was interesting.

My IT buddy left after massaging HP back to good health since its trauma at the hands of Geek Squad.  Long story short, after having HP for almost six weeks, they only thing they successfully accomplished was wiping the HD and installing Windows 7, oh, and a new video card.  They did not correctly identify the problem (the possible virus I mentioned six weeks ago); misdiagnosed alleged problems with the old video card, fans and power supply (nothing wrong with any of them); and my favorite – botched backing up my stuff.  In what must be the Epic Fail of Back-ups, I had a restored hard drive full of empty directories and folders.  Yup, they neglected to COPY THE DATA.  Thankfully none was critical but several gigabytes of data are a lot of files to lose and reconstruct.  The moral to this story is: avoid the Geek Squad at Best Buy!

Because of my frustration over the WordPress Service limitations, she also migrated this blog to my own server.  So bye WordPress Service, hello WordPress at Judiang. If you hadn’t noticed, you were redirected to a new URL at www.jagrant.com/watcher. You will probably need to bookmark, RSS, or subscribe again to the new URL. Everything here is a la carte as far as personalizing is concerned, so I’ve been adding plug-ins to at least be on par with WordPress Service before I can dabble with the fancy gizmos.

Sadly the move wasn’t damage-free.  While posts arrived basically intact along with comments and links there have been some big problems, the move has stripped paragraph breaks, borked image placement and broken embedded videos.  I’ve been painstakingly parsing and fixing code, although I fear some aesthetics simply can’t be mended.

So, watch out for the boxes scattered around and don’t look at the wallpaper. Be sure to bookmark my new URL, RSS, or subscribe in the right panel.  I’ll get things in some semblance of order while I finish birthday feting.

But I’ve got posters.  Here’s one:

Richard Armitage in 2004 photo shoot

12 thoughts on “Welcome back!

    • Cool! Aside from the problems listed above, everything went relatively smoothly. If you spot any glitches or problems here, please let me know.

  1. Wow, can I just say I’m thoroughly impressed! “parsing and fixing code” I don’t even know what that means and what it entails but it sounds like complicated and painstaking work. Congrats on the move!!

    • LOL! Yeah, I’m Jill of All Trades, mistress of none. It could have gone much worse. Yay for high tech. Why, back in my day, we parsed code uphill both ways- in the snow. Sniff. 😉

    • Don’t be too impressed; I paid WordPress to redirect from it’s service to my server. Works for me.

    • Almost done with the big stuff. Guess I’ll actually have to “write” again. 😉

  2. Strange. The feed I’m subscribed to in Google Reader has automatically updated itself to your new address. Which is good, because then I haven’t missed anything! 🙂

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