Twas the Night before The Hobbit

rahobbitgiftbombforcharitynov2612gratianal2…And this intrepid reporter barely stirs.  No, I’m not sending up the poem, although that’s not a bad idea.  Anyway I’m supposed to be resting, remember?  So accompanied by my furry shadow Patty, I’ve breakfasted; napped; lunched; napped; checked Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr (welcome back!), news (The Hobbit was shut out of the Golden Globes and SAG nominations) and viewed loads of RA videos, pics, and squeed over Francois, tux some more.  Napped.

So now I’m officially awake and heading out soon to the midnight show of The Hobbit accompanied by my friend, a retired film critic/film historian.  I’ll ask her to critique a certain British actor for me.  This should be interesting.

I felt a little trepidation earlier that not being a Tolkien fan might negatively affect my enjoyment of the movie.  But Traxy (TheSqueee) put my mind to rest with a certain observation.  Now I’m gung-ho and ready to go, finally, after two years.

Hopefully I’ll have a review ready tomorrow.


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