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chatclientI’ve been reveling in the good feeling so much lately, it’s hard to write seriously.  I’ve not been keeping up with whathisname; as a result, The Man has been up to something but I’m not sure what. Maaaybe.  BWAHAHAHA!  Additional ideas in the comments would be helpful too.  Also, I planned a dissection of Richard Armitage 3.0 since December but so much time has elapsed that I’ll cut to the chase and issue the Report Card.  Yes, it’s actually going to get done.  Will I give great marks?  Well, wait and see.

A friend suggested that it’s time restart the chat room, Armitage World.  I started it in June 2011 during the first wave of fans. Now since the Hobbit, there’s been another wave of new fans, blogs and tumblrs.  Armitage World is an IRC chat (old fashioned I know) where people can come at any time to get to know each other and form real friendships.  I’ve met several lovely people in Real Life through the chatroom.  The process is very simple: click on “chat” in the sidebar to the right.  Create a name and click OK.  Presto, you’ll in the chat.  I will be there most evenings from 7:30PM CDT onwards.  However, if chat is empty when you arrive, just sit tight, and somebody will appear.  I urge the European contingent to use the room also.  The room is open to all RA fandom.  The rules are geared to embrace the most users: no racist, sexist, or homophobic comments; no spamming; and no advertising.  Chatters should be 18 and older; topics can get raunchy, so remember that the last 20 lines stay on the screen.  I’m also looking around for a more modern program but lets get the party started!  (I hear there’s another chatroom operating too, but it’s nice to have different options).



1 thought on “This and That: CHAT!

  1. Hi Judiang,
    As to where is RA after TWE premiere? Slogging through the Battle of the Five Armies filming. Ha! Hard to believe that this is their last week of filming per GM’s tweets. Could be he’ll nest in his new apartment. I wonder if people will run into him in Crate & Barrel picking up a coffemaker and a wine rack? Ha!

    And woo hoo! AW Chat 13? Ha! Glad to see this revived. Lots of fun gal pal exchanges go on. I’ll be there later tonight! Giggles on the sometimes “raunchy” description. Now
    people will be expecting it. Ha! Although one person’s raunchy is another person’s milquetoast. Ha! And I guess “women with blushingly vivid imaginations” wouldn’t have the same appeal. Ha!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

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