The Morning After

After the eight day orgy of pondering, analyzing, ogling and downright perving Guy, I wondered if I would respect myself in the morning.  After the initial rush over having actually completed the project, I feel conflicted: glad it’s done, relieved to take a break, yet  anxious to continue writing.  My thoughts are a whirl.  As the writers have all stated during FanstRAvaganza, it’s important to hone your craft by writing, writing, writing.  Yes, I thought, I want to be like you when I grow up. I shall rise the day after and court my muse.

Sadly my muse isn’t feeling helpful.  He grudgingly returned after I criticized his appearance, looking maddeningly the same.  He peered over my shoulder throughout the fest, emitting smug grunts of approval as I toiled. He’s again sprawled, silent and juggling that Bag of Goodies.  I wrack my brains for A Topic having nothing to do with all the fest reading I haven’t finished, my writing I haven’t dissected, and feelings I’ve yet to analyze.  I recall a famous author once mentioning the curious letdown after a project is finished.  What do writers do to revive themselves, to get the literary juices flowing again.  They don’t really say.   Apparently they don’t have arrogant silent muses convinced it’s all about them.

So bear with me Dear Reader.  I probably fried my brain pawing through tens of Guy pictures and videos.  Damn, that was a tough job.  I anticipate spinning my wheels a bit until my gears slip back into place, sanity returns, and I plow through over 40 posts.

Meanwhile, here’s a another shiney.


Richard Armitage, 2009 photoshoot

7 thoughts on “The Morning After

  1. oohhh pretty. Me likee…. so basically what you’ve described is Gizzy overload…what a way to go!Thanks by the way for the thrill of my life! I will always remember it.

    • Exactly, Gizzy overload! I think that’s a new medical condition. It was great having you. It was brave of you too; you could have been starring in a beautiful disaster of another kind. ;)So, let me ask you: if you’re tasked to write every day, what do you do on days when your muse just won’t cooperate?

  2. Oh, I think you can respect yourself in the morning, J. The Giz might not have been Shakespeare or Dostoievsky, but it was a haunting role in the hands of a consumate actor. It has an iconic resonance of its own, up there with N&S.I’d love to try a blog. But first, have to battle technophobia. (Only been using computers since the DOS days – but digital and me aren’t on the same [logic?] mindset, and I appreciate Microsoft, but HATE every new imposed upgrade. Struggle, struggle). And, while I love writing, I would not want a blog to be all about me. Mr. A is, and has been, such a good impetus for creativity and for those in the “fan” community to stretch their capabilities.I love your blog, and the description of the writer’s process, and frustrations, and hurdles. Your site is inspiring. So kindly keep on keeping on (in the more polite expression of that Britiish WWII mantra).

    • Thanks! I wondered if anybody was really interested in the process, so your reply is encouraging.Actually creating a blog is as simple as signing up. This one was created by accident. Seriously. I thought I needed to sign up on WordPress to comment on Servetus’s blog (I didn’t) and presto, WordPress created a blog right out of the box, complete with a style, a title and a first sentence. It practically screamed, I’m here, use me! You don’t have to worry about changing the style or messing with widgets (sidebar, category cloud, blogroll if you don’t want). If all you want to do is write, it does that well. If you can bear dealing, with Microsoft, you can easily handle this. it’s only when you want to do fancier things like manipulating media on-site that things become more complicated.You blog can be anything you want, any day you want. If you want to discuss RA and showcase your creativity then that’s what it should be. You are a very interesting person who has so much to say and I would love to read your blog. Give it a try. Sign up on WordPress or Blogger, or Blogspot or LiveJournal and write anything. If you don’t like it, you can alway delete it or mothball it until you feel more comfortable. It would be cool if we could take on the blogverse together. 😉

  3. Thank you, Judi. I think I might be able to deal with WordPress, blogspot. Only the frustrated artist would be wanting to leap into screencaps, and vid loads right away. Oh well, one increment at a time. Try things out gradually, and keep the cat from taking a short cut across the keyboard on her way to answer an urgent phone call from her stockbroker…Seriously, you are a sweetheart, and I WILL start working at it!I’m game for sharing blogsphere and digital moans with you any time 🙂 (I moan and complain very nicely… have it to a fine art).In the meantime, please do continue with your blog. Love it. (and cuddle the little dog – for courage, a very good idea).

    • Excellent! I’m positive once you get over the hump of starting, you won’t be sorry. I’ll keep an eye out for an announcement from you.

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