The Infamous Beard Post: Take 3!

There’s been a veritable monsoon of all things Richard Armitage in the past few days.  Last night, a group of us camped in the chat room, multiple browsers at the ready (or fingers on the recorders and screen cappers) and watched RA take his first Hollywood walk down the red carpet at the Captain America premiere in L.A.

He arrived looking dapper in a Tom Ford suit blah blah blah – let’s cut to the chase:

RA showcases the sharply dressed man. Courtesy of Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Our suit expert (Servetus) stated the suit fit him well.  It’s a designer suit, it had better.  Let’s have a closer look at our rising international star:

Richard Armitage at Captain America

RA is amused when he's introduced as Richard Armitahge. Courtesy of Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

This is one of the best pictures because of his big smile.  The suit does look expensive although the striped shirt and checkered tie tend to strobe under lights.  But let’s look closer:

RA wonders if anybody knows how to pronounce his name. Courtesy Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Ah yes, those eyes are just as lovely as ever.  Truly his best feature in my opinion.  Oh, and look at his beard, it’s… er… it’s er…longer…fuller…almost bushier… it’s GROWN. It’s ungroomed and marching down his neck.  DUDE!  The Beard is getting it’s act together and going it alone.  The buzz cut must be jealous.

Having resigned myself to The Beard I happened on a certain forum to get eyewitness reports from two ecstatic women (so happy for you!) and what should I read but discontent in the beardy ranks!  Apparently quite a few in the beardy camp thought things were getting too wild and woolly for their tastes. They said he looked older and maybe more stodgy.  Apparently more than a baby beard killed the doparmitage effect; they weren’t feeling it any more. Then I heard the same thing on Twitter.

Well, that tickled my funny bone and I got to thinking.  Oh yes, wait for it!  He reminded me of television character from my childhood called A Family Affair featuring a proper dapper bearded British butler played by Sebastian Cabot on the left.   Or maybe it’s the one on the right:

RA would be thrilled to be mistaken for Sebastian Cabot circa 1966
Santa was probably hot as a young man. Courtesy of Kevin Payne













With distention in the ranks, I had to rethink my position The Beard.  Much soulful thought later I agree that baby beard a la Recognize magazine still allowed him to look dark, hip and edgy.  But if RA is growing it more, then everything changes.  Chic is one thing; Grizzly Adams is another. My allowance will only go so far.  I really don’t want to start thinking of him as the butler.

RA at his natural glory, lest we forget. Courtesy of


18 thoughts on “The Infamous Beard Post: Take 3!

  1. I agree. I’m a baby beard girl too….I was going to write a post about it. Maybe still will but was too doped up to write it. I’m wondering if it’s because he’s getting ready to resume filming and it needs to be a bit longer? But then, doesn’t he have 1 month+ to go? And there was lots of neck stubble below the beard…not groomed enough! Did he have trouble finding a razor? Perhaps they took it off him at the airport and didn’t have time to find in that city…hmmm….doesn’t sound plausible. He looked a bit chipmunk-cheeks-like to me….As for the suit, the neck of the shirt looked too tight at certain angles, he had neck fat – muffin top thing happening….
    OK, Judiang, I don’t know where I fit – in beard or clean shaven camp. That shot of him in exercize clothes in the 3rd video blog…very yummy. I screencapped it and put in on my blog, dedicated to you!

    • Thank you kindly ma’am. I’ll take any clean-shaven RA I can get. 😉

      Well, well, well, a significant capitulation in the beardy ranks! You will need to do an analysis on why only Baby Beard causes the doparmitage effect. Shouldn’t more be a better thing?

      Meanwhile, things are quite airy and cool here in the no beard camp. 😀

      • You know, the more bushy beard looked better with the lighter grey suit and open collar at the NY premiere…Analysis required like you suggest. I’ll get to work on it shortly and see what pops up!

  2. What I find particularly amusing about that last photo is that it makes me think of Daniel Radcliffe doing a Harry Potter interview sans glasses… Not entirely sure why, but it does. 🙂

    • Trinalin, I said the same thing when I first saw it (wrote it in fact in a blog post!) I totally agree. Just add round glasses and he’s a grown-up HP! (Which is not a thought I want to entertain much!)

  3. Seen the latest pics from the New York premier on Ranet? Somehow he looks much better. Perhaps wearing an open collar shirt helps or he was more relaxed or didn’t have to look into the bright sunlight.

    • Oh yes! I must admit he looks much better there but I also think the improved quality of pictures suggested a higher caliber of photographer. And it it did help that the open collar drew attention away from the beardy scruffiness.

  4. ok i thought there would be a virtual outrage, but people are agreeing with you (us formerly, i deserted you once more a few mins back, not my fault, its all because of HeathRA’s report and her photos of him, blame her!!) and that is kinda surprising and disappointing!!!! I was looking forward to another heated beard discussion!! 🙁

    Yesterday’s PV would have vehemently agreed with you, yesterday’s PV wanted to take a pair of scissors and snip away at the beard on her screen, she might still feel that for some pics…
    and like Cal, when she saw RA in workout clothes in PJ’s new video, she squeeeed, passed out and later screamed “now that is the RA I want back”. But HeathRA changed all that. Blame her.

    • It’s okay PV, you can be our swing voter. 😉
      There seems a decided preference for Baby Beard even in the beardy ranks. I was a bit surprised too. Perhaps fans only want RA to cover his pretty only so much? 😀

  5. He doesn’t look bad with a beard but reminding me of my dad I do not want. Luckily my dads beard fase short. It’s inevitable his will too.
    I’m kinda disappointed he didn’t clean up for the premiere, sorta doubt he’ll make the People’s sexiest or even newcomers list ..

    • I can only imagine he either didn’t have time to get to a barber or even realize he needed to at least trim the straggly bits. I suspect he’s a man who is not deeply into his appearance unless things are pointed out to him. I blame his PR man for not going over him.

  6. Do you think, it could be his skin is still too sensitive for him to shave? In the open collar pic in NY I’ve notice he seems to have red spots in his neck. I was reading Traxy’s post asking why didn’t he shaved and I agree but look closer and saw those red spots…

    Of course that would not be an excuse for not trimming the beard with I agree could use it…it wouldn’t damage his skin.

    OML 🙂

    • It could be heat rash. My colleagues who experimented with beards told me they are hot in the summer and RA’s been out in a heat wave.

  7. Yes, tis I, Kevin Payne. Thanks for associating me with both of these fine actors! 🙂

    I don’t know if I was hot as a young man, no one ever said anything to me. I’m not all that old now, only 49 when that picture was taken (51 now). I bleached my hair to play Kris Kringle in Miracle on 34th Street.

    I’m back to a goatee nowadays, easier to keep neat. I’m also back to my natural reddish brown.

    Anyway, it was kind of cool finding my picture on a website. For your own information, that would be courtesy the Quincy Herald-Whig, rather than courtesy of me.

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