The Infamous Beard Post: Redux


I don’t know how to say this.  It flies in the face of better judgment. I can’t even begin to comprehend.

Most of you saw this post in which I passionately argued that a good looking man like Richard Armitage in a beard and a buzz cut was travesty.  The Project magazine photo shoot that caused the whole furor shocked me with RA’s radically different appearance.   Where was his hair and his face – I couldn’t see every inch.  What was the joy in being a shallow fangurl if I couldn’t squee over clean-shaven floppy haired loveliness?  RA’s working look harshed my squee!  It was all ironic and funny.  As the beard and anti-beard camps (well, us 7 against the beardy horde) squared off the post comments, I was forced to give the opposition opinion thoughtful consideration.  Was my assessment a hasty knee jerk reaction?  As the masses continued to swoon in virtual rapture, I couldn’t believe that was the case.  As a psychology enthusiast who is fascinated by workings of the mind (hence the title of this blog, the watcher), I smugly wondered if this wasn’t a case of group behavior/mass hysteria or virtual McClintock Effect (remember women in a dorm?). Calexora theorized this was the dopamine effect.  So was this a definitely a female thing and I was missing out?  Still skeptical, I decided to keep an open mind.

The siege continued as the beardy photos flew around social media.  Fans linked and compared their favorites.  Well, I didn’t have one.  But if forced to choose, I decided this one wasn’t too bad:


RA realizes they lied when they said viewing the film Sex in the City would send chills down his spine.


Then creative types hit me with this.  Oh, that photo:

A beautiful desktop by HeathRa. Very British.


And this:

Ferociously wonderful desktop by BccMee


And this, uh oh that photo again:

Another lovely literary desktop by BccMee


But then there was this.  It’s a Fanny’s (aka Sinjoor on Twitter) film of the one of Project magazine’s artsy iPad video. It’s sideways so cock your head to the left:



I’m can’t explain exactly what it was here but when RA unveils his head and pierces the viewer with those eyes – I was riveted.  As he moves his head around like a model I have to confess he’s one handsome bastard, beard, buzz cut and all. So congratulations Fanny.  After being cajoled by the beardy horde in chat, blogs and Twitter, you were the one to finally break me with a video of RA in action.  I am defeated.

Before you lot start laughing and cackling in the comments, let’s be clear: I still dislike beards on good looking men and can hardly abide buzz cuts on anybody,  but I’m only make an exception for one Mr. RA.  This is a special case.

So, I’ll just say it.

I like his beard.

Damn it.


25 thoughts on “The Infamous Beard Post: Redux

  1. See? If he can make me like tatoos (his only) he can make you like beards! Besides, there’s nothing like RA in action! Did you see the video of him coming down the stairs? Breathtaking!

  2. That video is indeed mesmerizing. I confess to repeat viewings. lol

    Not every man can pull off that look, but RA does. You shouldn’t consider yourself defeated…you have been converted. Not quite the same thing. 🙂

  3. He is beautiful, with or without beard! I think that the Thorin pic (awesome though he is in it and I love it) has also made me appreciate the beard pics more. Not sure why exactly. Perhaps I just appreciate seeing just him.

  4. Woohoo!!!! You’ve joined the bearded ranks! If I wasn’t sitting down already I would have fallen on my ass! (you see, I was right “the lady doth (dothed?-well, you know what I mean) process too much.” But, you know the bit that I still have not understood is why the dopamine effect works even more with a beard than without, and when looking at HIM, rather than another gorgeous actor… Still researching… And I would love to think it was groupthink but I reacted before I read/saw anyone else’s reaction…
    Congrats to Fanny! And Judiang, Fanny can send you a version where you don’t cock your head…I couldn’t see this version well on my MAC but the other one yes! I’d love to see a full-sized version of the ‘beard featurette’. And can you just imagine how crazy awesome he’ll be as Thorin when we get to see the dwarf move, talk and grunt! *swooning for a dwarf* – never thought that would have been possible, 2 years ago…

    • I was waiting on your comment. LOL!

      Alright, tell I told you so. BUT I really was steadfast until I saw that video. I was so busy looking at his eyes, I didn’t notice the beard. *shakes fist* Curse RA, curses! 😉

      Yes, I’m reserving complete reaction to Thorin (aside from being Worf’s half brother) until I see RA in action. I suspect he’ll show us just how sexy a dwarf can be. 😀

  5. Oh wow, that’s one lush video. *thud!*

    Not keen on the haircut, but I don’t mind the beard. Not a longer beard than that, though, that’s the very limit. I quite like a nice beard on a man, so not fazed by it. 🙂

    It’s a great picture and I could even warm up slightly to that haircut.

    • Uh huh, he’s got you warming up to the hair cut. The amazing power of Mr. RA in action. At first I wondered at the little conception videos. Now I see how it all tied into the photo shoot. Quite edgy.

  6. Ha! ha! finally!! 🙂 Did i tell you this was the same video which made me finally desert your camp, although i always liked the beard, the buzzcut took time. This video and that lovely pic in the suede coat and i am was on the other side 😀

    So welcome, dear friend, although you join us kicking and screaming, but you are here 🙂

    Love the ‘literary wallpaper’ by bccmee.

    • Oh! Was that the thing that turned you? You might have warned me comrade! I walked into that like a babe in the woods. I’ll stop screaming but must occasionally kick to maintain some semblance of a reputation. 😉

      Yes, BccMee contributed her diabolical best swaying me with her lovely wallpapers. Another sly one!

  7. But keep your critical eye on it, Judiang!

    I dislike buzz cuts, but on this person, it serves to highlight the facial structure. (stupid hair cuts always look – stupid on a Pitt). Love beards and stubble…

    A new study has identified a Neanderthal X chromosome in all of us. So the beard- attraction can be “explained” by the nascent cave-girl residual? Another element has been the power of Internet and blogging. Not around when I had major crush on Sean Connery. It’s good and bad, depending on bloggers and commenters. This “community” has been good. And Judiang’s blog. Lots of humour, lots of teasing, lots of tolerance and courtesy. And exploring the reactions of ourselves, enhanced by the different perceptions of others.

    • So you think it’s a combination of cave woman and group reinforcement? It certainly has to be something; the reaction was like I’ve never encountered before. But it was fun. Have no fear, my critical hat is still on tightly. I can be objective about my crushes, squeeing while still able to say “you know, the emperor’s not wearing any clothes” which at times doesn’t sit well with more zealous fans.

      You named all the things I love about our “little community.” It’s the vitality, creativity and tolerance that attracts me more than even RA.

  8. Ok, see, here’s the deal. I never actually *THUD*ded over RA. Is he beautiful? Absolutely but he just didn’t appeal to me in the way he appealed to others. The beard must have come with an extra shot of testosterone because — yowza.

    • So you fell under the cave woman phenomenon? I finally caved because I thought him gorgeous despite the beard, not because of it like the rest of the beardy horde. So while I’ve accepted The Beard, it still doesn’t make me *THUD*. Guess the doparmitage effect still passed me by.

  9. *climbing out of cave into civilization*

    What did I miss? Ah judiang fell off the evolutionary ladder?

    *climbing back into cave*

  10. Due to awfully demanding working marathons, shortly before the summer break, I´m really having a hard time following the RA-flood brimming over the last couple of days!! No time to read the constantly overrunning blogs let alone leaving a comment (even so I merely concentrate on more or less 3 blogs – no twitter, no facebook etc.)
    But briefly worded: I´m with you judiang. I normally dislike beards (a man can be quite manly without a beard!!) but in that special case of THE one Mr. RA I can make an exception too. ;-))

    PS. Thanks very much for posting the short iPad clip (very alluring!). Do you have any idea where I can find the other one you mentioned??
    ..and thank you bccmee (before you climbing back..) for your PRIMAL URGES. Hard to resist.

  11. Eh, I’m still on the fence. I don’t hate it, but neither do I love it or think this is his BEST LOOK EVAH! It’s more something I could live with and accept for what it is at the moment.

    At least he makes it work. 😉

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