The Hobbit Blitz Ends or, Everybody Take a Breather

Thorin-3D-PosterFinally, the Great Worldwide The Hobbit Tour Megablitz Spectacular (except in the US, we sucked) is over.   I think.  Now those of us who haven’t seen it can swarm to the theaters to take in the cutting edge of event cinema: HFR 3D.   I’m curious about the format, even though I basically have monovision.  I’m also curious to know if and how RA has expanded his acting repertoire.

It turns out that I get to see the film twice; the December 14th midnight showing when I will simply enjoy the experience, and at the IMAX with a gift ticket courtesy of Anderson Cooper, when I’ll view with a critical eye.  That counts as two reviews I suppose.

Now, I make a show of being jaded and blase on the blog, but I’m becoming a bit excited about the whole thing.  This is my first midnight show for anything.  Covering the tour, attending the Anderson Cooper taping of the cast, and watching and reading about the experiences and feelings of fellow fans has been a real kick.  It’s also created a higher expectation than I would have had ordinarily.  Hopefully, the film will be everything the PR blitz has promised.

We shall see.


1 thought on “The Hobbit Blitz Ends or, Everybody Take a Breather

  1. Hhhhhhh! Exhaling with you, Miss Judiang. Ha!
    I’m trying to fine the 3D 48 fps (HFR) version in our town. Struck out with theatre multiplex 1 (out of 3)–the manager didn’t know there were choices, nor which their rate was. I waited patiently for 10 minutes while she went to her office to dig out the packing slip with her Hobbit film info on it. It was 24 fps. So, I’m on to the next multiplex theatre to see what they have. I am determined to take my hubby for a date night Friday night–whether he wants to go or not. Ha!
    Have a great time when you see the movie. Cheers! Grati ;->

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