The Christmas Surprise Is Coming!

Yes, the Christmas surprise is shaking off the dust (since it’s been complete for weeks) and readying for a wardrobe walkthrough (read: heavy duty prepping).  After much consideration, the surprise will be completely password protected. Ooer!  More news about it tomorrow, so watch this space.

What's the surprise? Stay tuned! (courtesy


14 thoughts on “The Christmas Surprise Is Coming!

  1. Ooh yes, Judiang my Dear!
    I so loved your excerpted password protected story you shared a while back.  If that is an inkling of what is to come, I’m hooked already.  You have a breezy writing style that gently tugs at our sleeves as if you are saying “Psst. This way to a tale that will amuse and delight you–my treat.”
    Holiday Cheers!   Grati  ;->

  2. Can’t wait! Roll on Monday, when we will be lazy and craving something new after TMT. (Too Much Turkey?)

  3. I love Christmas surprises!!!  So ok, I sit and watch…….In the meantime: Cheers Judiang!!!

  4. I’m not in any hurry. You could even push it back to New Years day. 😉 I think it could use a little more prepping and I could be persuaded to review it for you….

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