The Christmas Surprise Is Almost Here!

The Christmas surprise is buffed and ready to go.  Hmm, what could it possibly be about?    And what could be the brain-wracking password?  Here is a clue:

It might be about this dude. (courtesy

The password is: What was the color of Guy’s wedding cravat?  This is too easy.  Remember, you’ll need it for tomorrow.


20 thoughts on “The Christmas Surprise Is Almost Here!

  1. Hehe……..well, I certainly would never have called it the colour indicated above! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I would call it maroon or burgundy!

  2. and I’m not even meaning to be contrary or silly or anything else!

    The colour above is what I call !!!  (a 3-letter word… know…. one the the primary colours)

    🙂  🙂  🙂

  3. I was thinking, “Easy?”  Is it maroon or burgundy or cranberry (I am creative sometimes).  It can’t be red!  That’s too short! Or is it? : D

  4. I’ll have to go with red. Unless I have time to pop the episode in the player today.

    Merry Christmas, all!

  5. Call me mush, but I cried for him when he asked about Sr Edward and was hurt because he was a no show. I hated the way Mariane lead him on.     Just got done crying again when I went to Youtube to investigate and watched a fanvid for his 38th birthday that I somehow missed before. It had a lot of the end of series 3 Robin Hood.  So cathartic, especially this time of year.  

    • I’m mush too. I always cry at that scene.  About took my head off the first time I saw it.

      And the 38th Birthday vid is excellent SpikesBint (aka Angelfish69) is talented.   She has a little masterpiece in this one.



    • I agree about how Guy got led on (for just about the entire two seasons). I felt soooo bad for Guy. He was set up and his feelings were hurt.

  6. Hi Judiang,
    I see that you’re making it a little harder for non RA fans to just “guess” the password off the top of their heads to your story. Ha!    I’m looking forward to reading in.
    *pause*  Okay, I’ve now saved the aforementioned Sir Guy pix–cranberry?–to my Confessons of a Watcher Folder.  Yes, I’m so a*** retentive I save links to favorite essays by my favorite bloggers.  Ha! 
    Holiday Cheers!  Grati  ;->

  7. I forgot to mention, I loved the ring her gave her. I’m not saying Guy was perfect (heavens no) but at least he really cared for her, Robin was a dipsh*t who only cared for himself.

    • I know it was only a kids programme but I used to analyze the relationships they all had with each other, none of it made any sense to me…Guy showed so much passion, Robin didn’t give a sh… for Sherrif Vasey…that’s another story….giggles don’t you just love children’s programmes….best wishes everyone

      love Jules xxxxxxxxx

  8. Happy Holidays to All, On the topic of it being a kids show I think it was more geared to the fantasy genre crowd than kids MHO. If it was for kids no wonder crime is up. Even Robin Hood and his gang who professed to being against killing thought nothing of shooting the sheriff’s men full of arrows if they were in the way. And I always got a kick (pun intended) out of it when they said they couldn’t draw blood on holy ground or some such and they proceeded to beat the crapl out of them. Then there was Lady Marian using sexual teasing to get what she wanted from Sir Guy and Robin too, me thinks I( I have issues with her, Ha!Ha!) I just don’t think they would go for that type of cat and mouse game. It just occurred to me when you say kids you might mean young not teens?
    On yesterdays topic of fandom , why can’t we just say what he says in his messages? We’re supporters, we support him in his efforts to create believable characters for us to enjoy when we invest the 1, 2 or 16 hours ( depending on how sore your ass gets or how long before you go blind, ROTFL) We think he does that and we want him to continue, that is why we do it we want the pleasure to continue. Do it again I say, see if you can do it again . This is my take on the whole thing, I am happy that lots of others like him too because it makes better odds that he will continue to be around and maybe I will get to experience, yes that’s it, he creates an experience for me, I feel, maybe he will create a new character that will take me away just for a little while,out of myself, out of hiding and not feeling. He sure beats Angry Birds, too much cortisal in video games for me.
    The two pictures you posted today are fa orites of mine. There is a book series called The Red Cross of Gold/ Assassins Chronicles, when I read it picture two is how I imagine the main character Sir Mark Ramsey Knight of Solomon’s Temple, it is about the Templers, but the are alive today, there are to be 28 books in all, it is very addictive, and lots of fun. It is an Indies series, self published, that would be something for you girls who are budding authors to think about, has all kind of info on the Kindle section. Well thanks for all the fun and for reading my ramblings. This took forever on my Kindle Fire. Well who told me to peck till my finger fell off.
    Off to some Glee, what a kick that is, maybe RA could guest star on Glee, that would be fun.

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