The Case of the Missing Comment Box

As you might have noticed, and I aren’t getting along.  There are cosmetic formatting issues but the biggest problem has been it keeps globally closing comments to all my posts.  Ticky boxes check and uncheck all by themselves.  Subscriptions even disappears for awhile. After wracking my brain all month, it turns out the problem is not WordPress but my internet host.  Something they are doing on their end is affecting my WordPress database, so every time they reset the servers, things go haywire.  They are also known for not being terribly responsive to users.

Happily I found a Magical Fix but it involves real programming geekery.  I’m visiting my guru this weekend and she will Take Care of It (TM).  I will also look for another internet host for the blog. 

In the meantime, I will manually check each day that the comments section is open.  I just reopened them for the last post which is all I can seem to affect at the moment.  The contact page does work, so if you encounter problems,  you can notify there.  If you have subscribed in the past, please do so again.  Or you can use a RSS feed, or bookmark this.

Please bear with me.  This will be resolved one way or another.

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