The Big Sleep; or Slipping Back


“Sleep” by Salvatore Dali

It’s been almost a year and a half since my last post – way too long.

When I left off in August 2015, things were Not Good ™.  I languished in a cramped suburban apartment across the lane from a pile driving construction zone basically cut off from an accessible train and a close living hub when I could not overcome driving anxiety or afford an expensive $20 plus cab ride one way.  Friends did what they could.  The long battle with Winston, the black dog of depression left me in financial shambles.  I had to weather a waiting game while my credit healed.  Meanwhile I entered like an emotional Big Sleep where everything felt temporary and unimportant. Since I would restart my life when I finally found a place to land, why bother with anything while in a holding pattern?  Needless to say, motivation and I were estranged.  Everything took a nosedive except for knitting, a hobby I took up as a mental  distraction and life line.  Except for last year’s aborted attempts, I did not write.  There was no there there.

I drifted along this way for 18 months.

Then four month ago, the credit gods smiled and I found a condo downtown in a leafy little village, two blocks from the train and no more than four blocks from shops, doctors, the movie theater and anything else I regularly need.  The grocery is only a six block drive down side streets.  As I cheered over this, a spectacular streak of bad luck brought me up short with a day in the hospital (mine), eye surgery (mine), another hospital stay (Patty the Pomeranian), another dental surgery (mine), and yet more future bills, courtesy of Patty.  Really wish I knew which Fates I offended; I could knit them a conciliatory sweater for Christmas.

Anyway now it’s time to slip back into the stream of things, rejoin life and start writing again.

So, as chef Justin Wilson used to say in his best corny Cajun accent: How y’all are?


21 thoughts on “The Big Sleep; or Slipping Back

  1. Hi Judy! I flicked you an email this morning because I couldn’t get the comments box to work but obviously all is well now so just ignore that.

    Welcome back!

    Bolly xx

  2. Welcome back! I discovered your “The Man” series quite recently and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to whatever you now choose to write.

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  4. Hello Judi – so good to read you are back! I wanted to comment here yesterday when I first read your post, but the comments wouldn’t load. The good thing was, that I started browsing through your last posts, and I came across a gem which I had not noticed when you first published it – your stage door experience in London. Whoa! 🙂 Anyway, hope to read more from you again!!

  5. Sooooooooo good to see you back here!!! Missed you! Looking forward to reading some of your lovely stories. Funnily enough, at the very moment I “encountered” The Man in 2010 I ceased knitting…

  6. Since I seem to be your remote debugger — I subscribed to comments but did not get an email asking me to confirm, not even in my spam or junk, and my WP dash shows no indication that I tried to subscribe but confirmation is pending.

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