The Beard: RIP 2011-2012

I’ve just been informed by an extra on the set of Richard Armitage’s twister movie, that The Beard,  aged 1 1/2  met its demise.  More news at 11PM.

Siiiigh.  Life is tough.  😉


13 thoughts on “The Beard: RIP 2011-2012

  1. Did anyone film it’s demise? That could be some sexy watching material…..

  2. It will be lovely to see Richard’s gorgeous face clean-shaven once again but I’m also comforted by the thought that the Beard’ll grow back quite quickly when he has to make another trip to New Zealand for more filming!


    Comforts self by insisting that The Beard will grow back,  life will go on and this too shall pass.

    I wonder how gorgeous he is looking now.


  4. Just don’t shave him too close to baby skin! Pink male chins not major attractive! 😀

  5. It would be awesome if we could see RA shaving off his beard as part of the opening sequence of the new film!  I would pay money just to see THAT!! 😀

  6. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! –  was my first reaction too as I loved the beard, but then like others of you I realized how quickly he can grow stubble – and “designer stubble at that!!!! 😉  YUM!! 🙂  And yes – it would have been nice to see him shaving it off so we could get the first look of that stunning jawline again!!  Double yum!! 😀

  7. Why the heck I’m so excited about this news??? Reading “clean-shaven” just over at Agzym I thought instantly: Judi must be ecstatic!! …and YES !!!  Big smile….

  8. Well, at least you’ll have the memories! And the pictures.

    That beard had a good life, attached to Richard’s face. It travelled the world, met many interesting people. It’s even rumoured to have been fondled and stroked by Richard once or twice. They’ve even showered together! We could all hope to have such a life!

    Grieve not for the beard! It lived life to the full! 😉

  9. His skin is now singing the line,’I’ve been looking for freedom!’  From a song from David Hasselhoff. LOL. I cringe at the song, but the skin deserves to celebrate after being partially covered up every day.

    Judiang! Quiet down over there. I can hear you celebrating from here.

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