Technical Difficulties

Not tryin’ to be funny but WordPress is having technical difficulties.  It’s come to my attention that the ability to reply to any of my posts has vanished.  I’ll trouble shoot and then beg my guru for intervention if it’s not resolved soon.

Please standby.

EDIT: I updated WordPress two days ago and it hasn’t been playing nice since.  Comments seem to have defaulted to none and must be manually allowed for each post.  Hence previous post comments are closed is which really annoying. Time for my guru.

5 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. This seems to be working now! One thing WordPress has that Blogger doesn’t is nested comments where you can reply to a comment under the comment itself. Apparently I can only get this in Blogger if I get a widget and mess around with the code. I’m not sure I want to play around like that, but I sure would like to have that option.

    • Yikes, you were in my spam filter! WordPress is not playing nice. I suspect add-ons conflicting with each are the source of my woes.

    • I’m better, just clearing away a lot of stuff I could have done without. Don’t worry, I’m gearing for my comeback!

      And thanks so much for asking.

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