Surreal Saturday

This post is seriously late but I’m working to get back in the swim of things.

Weird Al Yankovic has been a favorite musical satirist for the past 20 years.  He’s hilarious, irreverent and usually hits his subjects stop on. Here’s a recent one posted to YouTube.  Enjoy!



Surreal Saturday

My schedule is totally thrown off since I’m suddenly preparing for a trip next week. Woohoo!  So I’ll fall back on a favorite artist.

I’ve showcased DeStorm before.  He’s a fun innovative rapper in New York (and now in LA I think).  Here he does jingles from US television shows, so some of you may not be familiar with them.  The amazing part is he does them all a capella, harmonizing with a group – of himself.




Surreal Saturday

Today, I’m going back to one of my fave YouTubers, DeStorm.  I discovered this guy last year when he did a series of awesome a cappellas -with a chorus of himself.  I’ll post one of those next week.  Ordinarily, I’m not a lover of rap but he makes it fun.

In this video, he shows you how to solve Rubik’s cube, that ubiquitous puzzle from that 80’s.  Some people could solve it in a flash. I was never one of those people.  So, grab your cube (you know you have one), sit back, and work the magic as DeStorm raps it out for you in 2 minutes flat.  Seriously.



Surreal Saturday

Good Morning.

If you’re reading this, WordPress is actually being cooperative and scheduling posts while I transverse the wilds of Ohio.  Since the 3rd sequel to the Pirates of the Carribean debuts, I decided to share this video by comic group The Lonely Island.  We get to see singer Michael Bolton (remember him?) like we never imagined. Or maybe want to.

Have a good laugh and enjoy.

Surreal Saturday

The upside of Surreal Saturday is I get to scour the YouTube for interesting videos, encountering some  funny, creative, weird and inappropriate things.  Unfortunately my favorites are all four with emphasis on inappropriate – wildly.  No matter, I just troll harder.

Here’s a relatively tame effort from the parody group The Lonely Island, creators of the infamous NSFW viral video I’m On A Boat.  Let’s do The Creep!



Surreal Saturday

I’ve been in bed, in my best writer swoon, trying to shake some malaise that’s been clinging for the past week.  The downtime has given me a chance to read the fanfic of writers showcased during FanstRAvaganza.  The talent and creativity has both amazed and given me food for thought as writer. Appropriate for Surreal Saturday, I just spent a surreal hour grooming my pom Patty.  She not only flopped on her back and allowed me to brush hardened bit of rubbish out of her tail, but remained calm while I used scissors and a brush to cut out matted fur and lightly groom.  Anybody having dealt with this traumatized high-strung pooch would appreciate how shocking a development this is.  She’s friendly sweet girl but hates for her tail and butt to be touched. Yet, there she lie grinning like it was just an unusual petting session.  Then she climbed into my lap and dozed.  Incredible. Anyway, just realized I haven’t posted video *really* surreal and that this one might fit the bill. There’s nothing deep here, just 9 minutes 38 seconds of WTF.   If the internet were made into a music video, would this be it?  I hate to say it, but yes, yes it is – but they left out the hamster dance.

Seriously NSFW.   Oh, and if you “get” many of the mash-ups, yeah, you’re old.

Surreal Saturday

[Yikes.  The month is only four days old and I’m already running behind.  Feeling under the weather while keeping an eye on Patty who was in and out of the hospital twice last week with her usual gut problems.  She’s pawing for skritchies right now so that’s good.]

The King’s Speech won the Oscar for Best Picture and Colin Firth, Best Actor.  If you’ve been following my blog, you might have guessed I am pleased the film received the acclaim it deserved.The king’s Rocky-esque training has lead to numerous parodies.  This was broadcast on Jimmy Kimmel Live and is the funniest I’ve seen.  For those of you outside the U.S., neither ex-President Bush nor former World Heavyweight Boxing champion Mike Tyson have speech impediments, and are not known for their eloquence or brainpower.

Surreal Saturday

The weekend is here.  I conclude the first week of blogging and didn’t keel over.  Stream of consciousness jotting is easy but concise, precise, introspective prose does require care and time.  I realize how I’ve done so much of the former and so little of the latter. The wheel is still very rusty but I see some bits flaking off.  The weekend is a good time for a mental break, so I’m giving myself breathing space by allowing simple jotting on these days.  Don’t worry.  I’ve got a heavy post coming next week.

I’m drawn to the unusual no matter what medium. Garden variety simply doesn’t hold my interest; I need to have something to pull me in.  I really liked Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio. I adored the book and audio adaption of Vurt written by Jeff Noon. I’m a big fan of the British sci-fi show  Doctor Who because it’s fantastical. (However things do have to have some internal logic, so don’t start me ranting over S9 of Spooks.  Grrr.)

Jane Austen was talented and unusual woman for her time and her literature has endured through the centuries.  What best to kick off my first Silly Saturday but an off the wall mash-up of her work.

And because I know what you people come here for, here is a great video by Delicate Blossom: