Surreal Saturday – Farting Elves 12 Day of Christmas

As you know dear reader, I like to keep this blog to a certain standard.  However when the holiday season rolls around, that high falutin’ stuff goes right out the window.  What better way to start Surreal Saturday today than with something utterly juvenile and tasteless.  There’s no better purveyor of trash than JibJab which prides itself on leaving no rock unturned.



Surreal Saturday: Not Your Mother’s Flight of the Bumble Bee

Here is something surreal.  Because I love strings, I trolled YouTube and fell across this incredible performance by violin virtuoso David Garrett.  Garrett is an international German/American violinist who started as a four year old prodigy.  He’s the best looking musician I’ve ever seen and understandable a young heartthrob.  Garrett determined to set a new Guinness Book World Record by playing Flight of the Bumblebee, already a fast piece, in 1 minute 6.56 seconds, an astonishing 13 notes per second.

This amazing exhibition starts at the 5.35 mark.



Surreal Saturday: Making A Cuppa

This video isn’t surreal but it’s a good day to introduce you to Geriatric1927.  As his name implies he’s a senior citizen born in 1927.  One day he was given a webcam and decided to make a video to encourage other seniors to do the same.  What happened is he turned into a YouTube sensation telling anecdotes from his colorful past and dispensing advice to his almost 56,000 subscribers.  He’s made over 300 videos and counting.

Recently he posted (being a Brit) about making the perfect cup of tea.  As an American and a sad Lipton teabag drinker, I found this video informative.   What do you tea drinkers out there think?  Did he get it right?



Surreal Saturday: London Edition

London is famous for curious sights from frozen human statues covered in cold and silver to odd scuptures on corners.  However for this edition I videoed a busker in Covent Garden.  I’d seen him before several years ago and he’s still there. He had a new trick this year.   He’s funny, silly, and really quite amazing since his trick involves balancing on very uneven cobblestones.  I’ve forgotten his name, but perhaps you can catch it for me.



Surreal Saturday

Happy weekend!  It’s promising for me because the insufferable heat and humidity has finally broken.  I drop like a fly in this weather so stayed indoors during the worst of it.  It’s the only time I regret not having a car.  This means I must be one of the last people see Harry Potter and Captain America.  I intended to rectify that today: HP or CA?  Decisions, decision, decisions.

For those following my London travelogue, sponsored by Murphy’s Law, I’m still piecing it together.   Thinking about it too hard caused a log jam, but after taking a needed break from the computer, more details are coming back to me.   Memory is funny that way.

Speaking of disasters I came this commercial on YouTube.  It’s funny and on some level identified with the poor guy.



Surreal Saturday

Oh no, missed a day!  All those RA posts zapped my fangurl strength.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Surprisingly the baby beard/no-beard camp is increasing in numbers by the day, so I take heart.

Since you all probably need a break from all that testosterone I offer another Surreal Saturday. Today, it’s DeStorm again.   He never ceases to amaze me especially with this challenge, rapping in pig latin.  I could hard say a sentence much less sing it.  Can you do it?