Sexy! Redux

Since discussing Richard Armitage’s being callipygian and David Tennant’s sexiness, I have been mulling over the definition of what is “sexy.”   According to the new urban slang, something can be sexy without having to do with sex.  A thing can be sexy if it’s exciting or interesting; it gives you a thrill when thinking about it.

Being a geek, all electronics can be sexy to me. Yes, anything that smacks of computers, electronics, do-dads etc interests me.  But all things electronic aren’t sexy.  There has to be some panache, something special about it that captures my eye and inspires desire – to buy it.  For example, a new Apple laptop launch arrested my attention:


Oooh, this screams, "come here."

No this is not free advertising for Apple (although it could be. Hi Apple!)  I’m saying that this new, sleek, compact, screamingly fast, lightweight piece of beautiful engineering strongly appeals to my geek aesthetic sense; it’s sexy.  It thrills me.  I want it although I probably won’t buy it being indoctrinated in PC world.  (Sorry Apple).  But all that won’t stop me from finding it sexy.

So what about you Dear Reader? What things do you find sexy? The taste of chocolate? The smell of a favorite cologne or perfume? The sounds of a man cooking in the kitchen? You know there’s something that gives you buzz.


Yesterday I talked about Richard Armitage’s being callipygian for obvious reasons.  There’s no doubt he’s a very attractive man, but he’s not the only one.  Although ArmitageWorld is dedicated to all things RA, I wonder how many fans have other squees on the side, other actors they crush on.


David Tennant; publicity shot courtesy

It’s no secret that my other crush is another British actor David Tennant (see a pattern here?).  (If this is news you need to start reading my London adventure).  I discovered DT back in 2006 when he played the 10th Doctor on the popular British sci-fi series Doctor Who.  I didn’t even like him at first, but he won me over.  He has much in common with RA: same age, similar upbringing, classically trained in drama school,  similar approaches to acting, similar talents, similar personalities. DT became acclaimed as a Shakespearean actor on the stage before making it big on television.  It’s likely because of DT that I found myself drawn to RA.

As pointed out in the chat room (what, you still haven’t visited?), a big difference between the two is RA wins in the looks department.  DT is cute with boyish looks.  He also has a very slight wiry but slight build, so much so that he’s been accused of not eating properly. I’ll admit DT does not have RA’s stunning good looks or physique.  But while not on the same level as RA in the looks department, many people including myself find him incredibly sexy.  Why?


Richard Armitage; publicity shot courtesy

There are other factors which contribute to sexiness besides looks and physique, such as  personality, presence, and charisma.  Every article I’ve read about him point out these same things in one form or another.  Plus, he has one additional factor: confidence.  He is comfortable in his own skin and aware of his talents without being arrogant.  This shows in interviews and his work.  I find this terribly sexy.

Before RA, I was only able to crush on one actor at a time.  Not sure why that was.  I have spent five years and counting in DT fandom.  Then either my gaze widened or I tapped a new level of perving (otherwise known as graduating to dirty old woman), but I discovered I could appreciate the attributes of two men at once.  And for the record, that has not extended to my real life.  Damn.

So confess Dear Reader; what other actor do you find sexy and why? Can you crush on more than one at a time? Are you straddling two fandoms?  Let me know; tell me your stories!