Interlude XVII – Ricky

I’m not a fan of Ricky Deeming but I know some of you are.  But I spotted this seaside screencap, and I kind of like it, in a matinee idol sort of way.  Had he been dressed in a white billowing shirt and britches with a saber in his hand, I would have been totally for him.  Can’t you see him as Captain Blood?

Ricky Deeming rouses his rebels. Courtesy of


Surreal Saturday – 30 Words Rap

Well, it’s time to see what my man DeStorm is doing.  This time he has a challenge: write an entire song using only 30 words. Can he do it?


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Interlude XV

I’ve been caught out with no post coming to mind, so time for the RA Bag of Goodies.  Let’s go back in time to post-N&S but just starting S1 of RH.  He always seems so sweet to me in this interview, if not a bit clueless.  “I want their skin to crawl,” indeed.

Richard Armitage in a BBC 1 interview for Robin Hood S1; courtesy


Foolish Friday

Welcome back to Foolish Friday for our weekly old fashioned objectification. Since Guy has been getting a lot of attention lately, I’ve dug into the RA Bag of Goodies for one of my favorite screen caps from Robin Hood.  Let us admire the plains and curves.  This physique was many years in the making.  Even though RA no longer dances, he still possesses a dancer’s body.  And we see Marian getting an eyeful, like the rest of us.

Appreciating physiques since 1193. Courtesy


The Christmas Surprise Is Almost Here!

The Christmas surprise is buffed and ready to go.  Hmm, what could it possibly be about?    And what could be the brain-wracking password?  Here is a clue:

It might be about this dude. (courtesy

The password is: What was the color of Guy’s wedding cravat?  This is too easy.  Remember, you’ll need it for tomorrow.


The Christmas Surprise Is Coming!

Yes, the Christmas surprise is shaking off the dust (since it’s been complete for weeks) and readying for a wardrobe walkthrough (read: heavy duty prepping).  After much consideration, the surprise will be completely password protected. Ooer!  More news about it tomorrow, so watch this space.

What's the surprise? Stay tuned! (courtesy


Interlude XIV – A Low Ballin’ We Go

You shouldn’t be surprised when I say I’ve failed to be carried away in the er… RA frenzy of the past few days (sorry Frenzy). Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed the Christmas Hobbit trailer and thought Richard Armitage will be splendid as Thorin.  I’m actually looking forward to the movie which surprises me, considering I’ve never been a fan of LOTR.  It’s just that I’m not a hard core fan.  Instead I feel like a buddha leaning back and sagely smiling, watching the fine sweet (sort of) young man on his way to The Big Time while his fandom squeals and faints and carries on.  (I prefer the buddha analogy better than being a wet blanket.  Actually the squealing part looks like a lot of fun; sometimes it’s a pain being so – soft core.)

Thankfully, my low key Interlude series this month has kept me under the RA seeking internet radar.  The idea that hordes might descend on my site like they have on Frenzy’s, Callie’s and Servetus’s frankly makes me a little squicky. Do I really want oodles of people reading my blog?  Do I want to be fingered for a “Fan” rather than a “fan?”  I started this venture to tap into my creativity again,  not to be a fan blog per se, even though I do cater to you, Dear Reader, keeping in mind what you really come here for.  Will it possible in the future to low ball a blog if the subject happens to be RA?   It’s making me ponder what a booming fandom will be like and my place in it (or not).  It’s definitely a question I’ve never before had to consider in any fandom.  Watching the next two years unfold will be interesting indeed.

Speaking of low balling, how about a character of another kind, Lee in Cold Feet?  Fine and slick, maybe too slick.  Certainly the kind of guy to avoid with a 10 foot pole.  Did I mention he was fine?


Richard Armitage as Lee in Cold Feet, courtesy


Interlude VIII – A Nice Young Man

Mind is thumbing through spa magazines.  I think she might be on the right track.  So, back to the RA Bag of Goodies.  Here is one I’ve rarely used.  It’s RA doing a Spooks interview, clearly a little tickled by the interviewer.  Looks like such a nice young man, don’t you think?

Richard Armitage in a 2010 interview, courtesy


Interlude VII or Speaking of He Who Shall Not Be Named

So mind is asleep with Winston while I play World of Warcraft.  This game is the next best thing to mindlessness there is.  Too bad it’s also a time sink.  Meanwhile, the RA Bag of Goodies yields a nice photo from a Spooks interview.  In it, RA talked about his last season morphing into You Know Who.  Oi vey!

Richard Armitage in a Spooks Interview, courtesy


Winston Goes to the Vet II or I Need My Drugs, Man

Dear Reader, you’re probably wondering what has happened to my usual posts, so I’m giving an update.

My black dog Winston has been been a little monster, clinging harder than velcro.  Trying to get the obedience regimen in place combined with the sometimes forced cheerfulness of the holiday season has him more hyper than Patty and that’s saying something.  Add to that the strain of daily blogging and I’ve needed a mental vacation. Typically, I would have taken a hiatus as in the past.  However that strategy led to extended periods of not writing that was hard to break. I grew tired of leaving, then making comebacks.  After awhile, that gets old.  Hence, I decided to do a string of Interlude posts to keep going this month.  It’s serving as a mental break without totally stopping.

Rest assured you won’t be forced to look at picture after picture of Richard Armitage the entire month.  I have a holiday treat in store extending for eight consecutive days during Christmas week.  During that time, my blog will be password protected, like it was for a certain excerpt. Interesting, eh?  I’ll leave you to mull over that.  Be sure to keep watching this space.

In the meantime, back to the RA Bag of Goodies for something sweet and calming.  How about RA reading you a bedtime story?  Jump into your jammies, grab you teddy, and have a listen.


Richard Armitage reading a story for Cbeebies, courtesy



Interlude VI or The Doctor Is IN

So the doctor said for mind to take two tranquilizers and call her in the morning.  Meanwhile, it’s back to the Bag of Goodies.  Here is a rarely seen screen cap from The Golden Hour.  My doctor has never looked like this and probably never will.  How about yours, hmm?

Richard Armitage as Dr. Track in The Golden Hour, courtesy