Interlude XLII: What Me, Volunteer?

There’s no polished piece tonight.  I spent most of the day with my friend Mary shlepping from store to store purchasing materials for an upcoming high school production of The Snow Queen. The costumer had a hacked credit card, and although she’s the musical director Mary had to leap into the breach.  Where do I come in?  I’m now her volunteer assistant and she’s over the moon at the prospect of putting me to work.  But before I can actually interact with the kids, I must sift through hours of paperwork for background checking, online training, and what I exasperatingly call “Chester the Molester” instruction so that I know of, am vigilant about, and don’t run afoul concerning inappropriate interactions with minors.  Becoming a volunteer sadly isn’t the same these days. This prep school is quite posh and quite large, so they have a lot to protect by dotting all “i’s” and crossing all “t’s.”  I must be squeaky clean.  All this must be done pronto, naturally.  Mary wants me in place for the next production, Phantom of the Opera, one of my favorite musicals.

So I leave you with my latest Richard Armitage favorite that he recently tweeted.  I think it’s the cold and lovely snow that really pulls me in.  Would I lie?


RA skiing


Still Topsy Turvy

Sorry for the false starts Dear Reader but I’m still acclimating to my new environment and finding some semblance of a schedule.  NaNoWriMo has started and I’m behind the eight-ball.  Because there wasn’t time to outline a new novel, I’m revising the psychological thriller from last year – only I started last night.  Ahem.  I promised the London recap that’s almost two months late as well as another The Man story. Both might take a little time.  I need to read the Crucible before delving deeply into an issue I have with the play and discussing Richard Armitage’s performance.  An “end” post has been drafted about the trip’s surprising effect on me, so I am working on things.  And as for poor The Man, I have to check in with him; he must be exhausted.

While I handle time management issues, here’s a video from RA’s last stage door on September 13, 2014.  Sadly my iPhone stuck in portrait mode while filming in landscape, hence the small picture.  I flipped the view so we can at least see him properly.  As you will see, the line extended down the street and around the front of the theater. People stayed calm until halfway down the line when things became a little rowdy.  More aggressive fans pushed my friend against the wall, blocking her filming my encounter with RA.  This was unfortunate since I will talk about that moment in the “end” post.

So here’s a taste of what it was like.  Enjoy.

RA at Crucible Stage Door

Richard Armitage runs the gauntlet at The Crucible’s last stage door – September 13, 2014. Sorry for the small portrait view. My iPhone refused to flip to landscape mode.

Interlude XLI; or Real Life Intruding

I had a “The Man” story percolating on the back burner but Real Life ate my homework. Honest!   Long story short,  my new retiree budget requires me to make a few cuts, including selling my condo.  Right now I’m in a flurry of decluttering that must be completed in a matter of days in time for the listing going live.  All my physical and mental energies are dedicated to making this happen.  So The Man will have to wait for his next foray through the absurd mind of yours truly.

In the meantime, have some suave, clean shaven Armitage.  Do we really need a reason why (other than the NON-BEARDY goodness?)

Richard Armitage picture by Robert Ashcroft

Richard Armitage picture by Robert Ashcroft


Interlude XL – Sexy Smexy

Real Life socializing (read: attending festivals) has me derelict in my writing duties.  I have a nice “The Man” story in the works but it probably won’t get done this week.  So I’ve dusted off my Bag of Goodies and rummaged around.  But what to my wondering eyes should appear but a fresh pic from a not so new Esquire video.  Can’t have too much class, I say.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.

RA thinks his trousers have finally reached tight enough.

RA thinks his trousers have finally reached “tight enough.”


The Allure of the Accent; or RA Goes Okie

british accentYears ago in the film Love Actually, British Colin Frissell can’t find a girlfriend at home. So he journeys to the U.S. in search of one. To his surprise, he finds himself a hit with American women the moment he opens his mouth. It seems American women dig British accents. Of course, this was hilarious to me because I’ve been exposed to British accents since I can remember. (I blame PBS and my mother’s undying crush on Laurence Olivier). So this phenomenon didn’t really surprise me, although my crushes on British actors have been totally incidental. Naturally.

Flash forward to last week. A few of us were chatting about the latest Into the Storm trailer and analyzing what we could of Richard Armitage’s American accent. While I couldn’t separate his voice from the background noise, a few said they thought the accent pretty decent. Then I heard something to this effect:

“As soon as he spoke American, he lost part of his sex appeal.”

My mouth nearly fell open at the heresy before my inner anti-fangurl exclaimed “that’s right, he’s British!” One chatter recounted how one favorite actor’s sex appeal leached away the moment he spoke in an American accent (dreadfully). This brings me to another meandering thought: it that why Americans are so keen on foreign actors getting American accents right – is it because of the aural dissonance, or the resulting perception of declining sex appeal? They’re just not that hot without the Queen’s English?  There’s no real reason why this should be except maybe prove the adage “everything is greener on the other side of the street,” or pond, as the case may be.  I picture RA trying out a Chi-caw-go accent with me listening incredulously and wondering what I ever saw him. Would I beg him to “speak British” again?   Could that possibly happen if I were wearing a blindfold?

I can’t decide how I feel about RA sprouting an American accent. I do know what if he fails to impress in the few scenes, I won’t be able to take him seriously the rest of the movie.  It sets my teeth on edge to hear an accent done poorly.  Truly, I’ve reacted the same way with other actors.  But will I find him less sexy? I don’t know yet.  Maybe the wet shirt will make up for that.

What do you think?  Honesty will get you kudos.  Total heresy will get you cookies.



Richard Armitage and Pinter/Proust; A Watcher’s (and Fangurl’s) Review: Part 1

Picture or it didn't happen.  Richard Armitage and me.  92nd ST Y, NYC.

Picture or it didn’t happen. Richard Armitage and me. 92nd ST Y, NYC.

So, Dear Reader, I went to New York City.

Okay maybe that’s an understatement but I was thisclose to not going.  Attending the Pinter/Proust production was a last minute, crazy harebrained attempt to snap me out of a post holiday, post illness funk.  Also I blame Zan, my partner in crime during the Anderson Cooper trek in 2012 and Perry for her frequent and intriguing updates.  In addition, my nosy side realized there would never be another opportunity quite like it: no autograph hunters, no cold stage door, no usual post production scrambling, but almost impromptu encounters between actor, fans and patrons for a one-off performance.   As 20 plus year fan veteran, I get more of a kick watching other fans now.  What better environment to watch such interactions?  I shook my limp inner fangurl, told her to get it together and dragged her off to NYC.  Curiously I’ve been having a hard time writing this entry, because I’ve been of two minds —

HEYYYYY there posse!  Whassup?  I’m Inner Fangurl here to save the day.  Judi does go on, doesn’t she?  The readers want to hear the Good Stuff, aka Richard Armitage.   Judi, you can talk about more esoteric things like acting later.  Let’s cut to the chase shall we?

Sigh.  Fiiiiine.

OKAY!  Judi was under the weather, so when I heard about the production at the 92nd St Y, I said we should go!

That’s not what –

Even after she booked everything, she almost didn’t go.  Can you imagine?  Anyway, we met up with our partners in crime, Zan and Perry and headed for the pre-show with Di Trevis, the director for the production.  She told some very humorous stories about Harold Pinter, distracting my spidey senses.  *He* had been seen sitting in the back of the audience laughing along.  RA was in the building.


When the show started, we sat up in the balcony. Judi spent five minutes rummaging in her bag for the hearing device and nearly missed his entrance on stage.  Now we are a bit visually challenged, but he entered with such balletic grace that we knew it was him.  I clamored for her to get Zan’s mini binoculars and we were set.  He was definitely the Man in Black: black shirt, tight black jeans, black long suit coat; longish dark hair combed back still curling at the nape.  He appeared in so many little scenes –

They were memories –

Well, Judi did fine, but I had a hard time following at first. No matter!  When RA wasn’t performing a memory, he sat in the back waiting for his next cue. The little binoculars were very handy, especially when he got to that breast caressing scene with Odette, his obsession –

That was supposed to be Swann brushing something off Odette’s decolletage –

Well, the binoculars showed me differently!  And then the passionate kiss, oh my!  If anybody doubted his ability to be a romantic lead, that scene should put things to rest.  We quite enjoyed watching him gracefully prowl around the stage so tall, lean and lanky.  WOOHOO!


Sigh indeed!  During the intermission, we were alerted to vacant seats in the second row center. We beat a hasty retreat down there.  What a fabulous view!  We don’t really remember much of the story after that because he was RIGHT THERE!

I remember quite a bit!

Well, that’s amazing.  Just imagine Readers, all six feet two inches of him strutting around the stage so close, his features so finely chiseled that you can see his facial muscles working beneath the skin, the cheek bones popping out of nowhere.  He cut such a Byronic figure.  OMG!  SQUEE!!!!!!

Maybe you should mention that his acting was –

His acting???  Oh pish!   Before we knew it, the play ended and they came out to take their bows.  My goodness he seemed so close.  We were practically on eye level with –

Nevermind about that!  Get on with it.

*Sniff*  Fine.  The entire cast came out for a photo shoot then dispersed.  Our compadres had a few words with Trevis and some cast members before moving to the gallery where we heard there would be a meet and greet.

Right, it turned out that the party was private.

Yes!  But the next thing I knew, after exchanging a few words with the lovely gatekeeper, we were on the other side of the rope. I love New Yorkers!  Why do they have such a bad reputation?

Oh yes, me too.  No clue.  *chuckle*

So then RA came out of the After Party to greet the horde of fans and curiosity seekers.  He was absolutely a peach, signing autographs, taking pictures with everybody.  He even declined to be extricated by the guard and went on until he’d seen everybody.  He must have stayed out there a good 30 minutes or more.  He took pictures with our compadres and then it was our turn!  SQUEE!


We’d handed our iPhone to Zan, I caught his attention and there we were, his arm around our shoulders, and our arm around his lean waist.  No love handles there!  And so warm.  That man is a furnace!

Can we just finish this –

Well fine, but it was a surreal moment, his arm there waiting patiently while Zan snapped the photo.  It felt like a second and an eternity.

Very Proustian there, Inner Fangurl.

Okay, maybe I was paying attention to the play – just a tad.  Anyway, it was time to go into the After Party but my time was over.  Judi kicked me out!  I don’t even know what happened next.

Yes Dear Reader, I threw a cloak over her to avoid two worlds colliding.  But that’s another story.  Now that Inner Fangurl has had her say, I can get on with serious impressions about the production, the party, the cast, the fans, the man.



Fandom Frenzy; or Richard Armitage Goes Political

I could feel it coming in my bones – the fandom meltdown.  It’s a phenomenon that occurs about every six months like clockwork, fueled by boredom, diverse personalities and the crush not giving the fans enough to chew on between projects.  The energy builds with nowhere to go.  Just about anything can set if off.   So when yesterday’s article in New York Moves hit, it was time.    My inner watcher perked up to study the fireworks.     And boy did Richard Armitage not disappoint.

I’m not going to rehash what others have said.  Most of the immediate reactions can be found on Morrighansmuse’s blog and on Twitter.  The negative opinions were a textbook case of fan identity crisis, claiming that the interviewer, the editor, the hot weather, RA’s supposed British ignorance, etc. were responsible for what he said, and what were politics doing in an entertainment interview anyway?

I want to point out a few things:

– NYM is not strictly abut fashion and entertainment.  Also from Morrighansmuse’s blog:

Here’s the description of New York Moves magazine which tells anyone that this is no entertainment magazine just reading off the publicity packet handed by the studios or PR company:

“Moves Magazine is a lifestyle magazine for city women (and men), unafraid to ask hard questions. We take on social, political, and global topics and show how women are shaping the world we live in today. Written with a progressive vibe, the magazine offers a provocative, often polemic view of society; an askance look at the world we live in.”

So RA  stood an excellent chance of discussing politics – and being provocative (if one considers stating his personal believes such).  When asked, he had as much right to an opinion as anybody else without being American.  That’s how our political system works.  Democracy in action.  If we have no problems discussing politics in fandom (it happens all the time), why shouldn’t he?

– According to European fans, what he said wasn’t really controversial.

It seems to only have caused a kerfuffle among American fans.  So sitting and having such a conversation probably didn’t phase him one way or the other.   I suspect he’d be surprised at the extent of the negative reaction from some quarters.

– RA wasn’t tricked, manipulated, edited etc.  Also from Morrighansmuse’s blog and Twitter feed:

elle morris

 He knew the topic and participated anyway.  Despite constant fears to the contrary by some fans, RA knows his own mind.  He knows what he wants to do and say.  He’s certainly old and experienced enough to handle himself with reporters.   He really doesn’t need our protection. Really.

– It doesn’t matter what RA said.

Yes, the nature of his opinions are irrelevant.  It shouldn’t matter, and I think fans are losing sight of this.  It isn’t  important which way he swings on gun control, violence, or the colors in the rainbow.  What matters is that he felt comfortable to reveal a part of himself, let us into his mind a bit to reveal opinions about topics other than his work.  He’s human.  He showed that he’s a real person with real opinions and real thoughts, not a walking talking fantasy to be kept in a pretty box uttering safe platitudes for our amusement.   Shouldn’t he be accorded some respect especially by us, his fans?  Yes, he could have stated the exact opposite opinions, and I would say the same thing.  I respect him for having the courage of his convictions and saying what he thought.  Fans don’t have to agree with him 100%; I don’t.  Disagree.  Criticize.  But do give him a bit more consideration that what I’ve been reading in for the past 24 hours.

After all, his politics don’t determine our level of adoration, do they?




You know, just because the entire fandom has been tweeting, blogging, and tumbling pictures of Richard Armitage at the LA BAFTA Tea Party yesterday doesn’t mean I have to jump on the bandwagon.

CA: BAFTA Los Angeles TV Tea

RA at some event. No clue what. Source.

I mean, the pictures would have to be half cropped to shield from view the disaster that occurred below the waist, even if I were to post them.

BAFTA Los Angeles TV Tea 2013

Again, RA at some event. Source.

Ideally, a nice three-quarters head shot with long, curly hair at the nape and a little stubble would have been lovely.

More RA. Wonder where in the heck he went. Source.

More RA. Wonder where in the heck he went. Source.

But since I’m the Anti-Fan gurl and need to preserve my reputation, no pictures like that will appear here.  Nope.  No siree.


Oh Guy, You’re So Fine

I’m baaaack.  There’s real life news to report but I’ll talk about me next week.  Today is Guy Day.

Every time I think that my Richard Armitage crush as moved away from 00gling blatant objectification visual admiration, Guy Day Friday rolls around and I find myself pawing through my stash. Then Guy jump starts the admiration all over again.  Take a look at some of these lovely lovely pictures:

What’s a fan gurl to do? I suspect the visual images of Guy fascinate me because of the amazing masculine and feminine mix in Richard Armitage’s features during his mid- thirties at height of his looks, IMHO.  Just a change in lighting or angle of the head accentuated one over the other. But that’s a whole ‘nother post.  Let’s just admire for now.

Still More Beardy Horde

One of my pals (INSTIGATOR!) sent this graphic:

Save the beard

The Graphic of Utter Bollocks

It’s posted by Save the Beard in the Love for the Beard group on Facebook.  Apparently there’s a beard and mustache competition in August.  I hear people travel to these contests, even abroad. Interesting concept.  The beard phenomenon is trending now; at the past Oscars, every other movie star wore one. Sheesh. It’s not a good time for a lukewarm beard person like myself. Even the fandom’s beardy horde continues to expand.  Don’t get me wrong; I’ve nothing against beard. A well groomed small beard looks distinguished on the average man.  I just think they do nothing for good-looking men, and in fact, take away a little something.

Before you start sniggering, Richard Armitage is the ONLY good looking man I’ve ever seen to be the exception to the rule.  He’s got the perfect beard facial line and his square jaw and round chin make a great platform for a baby beard.  (Baby as in just grown in, not teenage straggle.)   So yes, I confess that the man rocks a baby beard.  When it becomes too hirsute and unkempt like during the Captain America premiere, then the rule kicks back in again.

See, I can be reasonable.  Some.

Here, have some pretty.

There's a beard?

There’s a beard? Courtesy of


Foolish Friday – Guy Day Friday; or About Chest Hair

Hey, how about those fabulous posts this week?  They would have been incredibly awesome had I been able to get them…out of…my head.  Hmm.  Okay, problems with concentration, persistence and pace have interfered with flow.  But, when the moment seizes me, I seize the opportunity to get the thoughts out.

This brings me to the subject of chest hair.  (The segue is perfectly logical; just work with me).  Some tweeters and commentators have asked how I feel on the issue; they know I’m not a fan of Richard Armitage’s beardy look, but what about his chest?  Well, since it’s Guy Day Friday, let’s look at this picture:


Marian interrupts Guy as he fits his armor. (And we know all knights fit their armor while naked, right?  So why the trousers?)

Here is RA as Guy of Gisborne.  His chest is smooth.  This deserves a closer look.

In a scene totally integral to the story, Guy turns his smoothness to Marian.

In a scene totally integral to the story, Guy turns his smoothness to Marian.

Yup, he’s totally smooth.  If you were to imagine placing your hand on his chest (tough I know, but you can do it), it would glide smoothly, as you felt one defined muscle flow (see there?) into the next without any other sensation, like – hair.  Wouldn’t that feel nice?  Hmm? So ideally, I tend to prefer smooth chests for the same reasons I like smooth faces.  I want to feel see appreciate what’s underneath without peering through a forest of fur.

Richard Armitage unwaxed in photo by Robert Ashcroft.

Richard Armitage: Unwaxed in photo by Robert Ashcroft.

However, RA apparently waxes his chest for these scenes.  From what we can glean from recent photos, the hair is light and sparse, so much so that it makes more sense aesthetically to wax his chest for nude scenes than go au naturel.  It’s a wise choice which I totally endorse.  Hairy men just don’t float my boat.  It’s a personal preference and probably a cultural thing.  But happily, RA isn’t too hairy.  If he were to decide to appear in the future unwaxed, I wouldn’t look away.

I’m not totally crazy.

Have a happy Guy Day.



Monday, Monday; or the Pot Stirs

Oh wait – I retired.  I don’t have to go to work.  (Sorry, had to rub it in once. I’ll be good now).

Returning to blogging again means dealing with – again.  The recent version is causing tech problems with subscriptions and postings.  Lovely.   If you’re having issues, please let me know.

I’m baffled to have acquired new subscribers in my absence.  Don’t have a clue why that happened.  So, hello New Readers!  This blog is parts irreverence, snark, stream of consciousness, and a showcase for sojourns into fiction and drawing.  It’s brought out the contrary and perverse side of my nature, so expect much pot stirring to ensue.  I even gleefully point out the emperor wears no clothes, even if he’s a certain British actor.  Please remember that I try to do so with love and humor.  I aim to remind fans that we are here to enjoy our crush and each other, and not take him, fandom, and ourselves too seriously.

Speaking of not taking RA too seriously, there’s a six month backlog of things I’m dying to say about him: the premiere and DVD release press junkets, his new groomed persona, his … interesting… utterances – Richard Armitage 3.0.  Then there’s the fans’ reactions – both old and new ones.  It’s a veritable treasure trove of things from which to pick.  However, one of the downsides of having too many options is indecisiveness.  I don’t know where to start.

So, Dear Reader, what would you like me to tackle first? Are you dying to hear my opinion about something? Please keep it simple; my brain can’t handle meta at the moment.

Oh, here’s another pic.  I know what you come here for.

Richard Armitage picture by Robert Ashcroft

Richard Armitage picture by Robert Ashcroft


RE: Beard Scandal!

Attention Dear Readers!  It seems a terrible thing has happened tonight.  I was hacked!  Yes, my Skype account was hacked by a devious perpetrator who engaged unsuspecting Jasrangoon, Zan, and ItsJSForMe.   S/he was so diabolically clever and convincing that they didn’t know it wasn’t me.  So when this person evilly reported that I liked RA’s b-b-beard, s/he lied.  Imagine my surprise when I logged in (thus booting the villain) and discovering they had posted my alleged confession. doesn’t have a reblog function, so you have to use your imagination (or better, visit their blogs).  And now the alleged confession is all over Twitter.  This is a travesty.

Wait, here is the gif that poor duped Jasrangoon created:


Shocking, isn’t it?

I will be conferring with my lawyers, spin doctors, and hackers through the night to mop up the situation and get this off the internet.

Stay tuned.

Richard III or the “Battle” of RA vs. PL

[Everybody knows this, but I’ll state it for the record: this post is pure speculation and conjecture on my part. I don’t even remotely know anybody who remotely knows Richard Armitage and Phillipa Langley.  I’m simply adding my 3 cents worth because 1) I need to force myself back to blogging and 2) there’s nothing new to talk about apparently until Christmas.]


But whose Richard III? Art by @Flodwyns on Twitter

I don’t give a damn about Richard III.  Yes, I’m a history buff and watched the Channel 4 documentary with Phillipa Langley. The discovery of the king’s remains was quite remarkable and an achievement.  To my disappointment, there were no new clues suggesting what sort of man he really was: man or monster?  Simply, the king’s bones were found; now they can be laid to rest.  My historical interest ended there, but my fascination with the players around Richard III began. So, yeah, I’m not a Ricardian.

Unfortunately for the Ricardians, the Channel 4 documentary did them no favors. Through the magic of editing and selective interviewing, they came across not only as dedicated and passionate about their man, but also narrow-minded, obsessive, and possibly delusional.  I suspect the network did not go out of its way to interview less colorful fans along the Ricardian spectrum; that’s not as interesting to viewers after all.  In the center of this sat poor Phillipa Langley, depicted as a tenacious woman, but ultimately, the poster child for That Fan And How Not To Be, as she shook, trembled and half fainted over the bones of a man dead 500 years.  I have no clue as to the type of person Ms. Langley is actually.  However, by the end of the special, I felt chagrinned and sad that a televised show which was supposed to celebrate the discovery, ended up robbing Ms. Langley of dignity and credibility.  For me, “man or monster,” turned to “is or isn’t she crazy?”  Channel 4 sowed the seed of doubt about her, something that may come back to hurt her, especially when persuading people to buy her script.

This is where things get interesting again.

Ms. Langley has a script about Richard III.  Anxious to strike while the iron is red hot, she set up her bandwagon by telling the press that Richard Armitage, her main choice to play the king, was in Los Angeles flogging a script (the assumption being it was HER script). Such serendipity!  RA, a smoking hot property fresh from The Hobbit and touted actor to play Richard III, was in L.A. pitching to Hollywood Types, a script connected to a smoking hot international discovery.

As soon as I heard this, I thought: “O rly?”  For over six years, RA has been trying to interest investors in his own Richard III project (the assumption being it was NOT HER script) in which he never at any time mentioned Phillipa Langley.  But such serendipity!  He could set up his bandwagon and use his emerging world exposure  from The Hobbit to pitch to Hollywood Types his project connected to a smoking hot international discovery.

But wait, did Ms. Langley’s statement mean he was now on her bandwagon instead of the other way around? What has followed in the last few weeks from RA, has been the most excruciatingly coached noncommittal AND distancing remarks he’s ever uttered.  He has stated he’s spoken to Ms. Langley in the past. It’s highly likely he has seen the special and its slant on her.  We have no clue what they said to each other or when, or that his being in L.A. at that time had anything to do with her although she wanted the press to think so.  He can’t say “yes, I’m on her bandwagon,” because that might scare off wary Hollywood Types.  He can’t burn bridges and say, “WTF, no way we are connected,” in case her project does come to fruition first and he is sought for the lead.  Also, he can’t say anything because it’s premature and unprofessional to discuss a project before the ink is dry on the contracts and the PR machine is in place.  So poor RA must continue with the damage control.

Can’t wait to hear what she says next.

EDIT: Our Jane in the comments pointed out that she thought their projects were one and the same.  However, this bring me back to whether he should admit he’s on the bandwagon with Ms. Langley.  Could he still be circumspect while throwing her a crumb and acknowledging her in some way?  I just have a hunch (yes that’s a legal term) that something else is in play besides circumspection.



Richard Armitage Observation #1; or Going to Hell in A Handbasket

I’m having problems with new meds and posting on two hours of sleep.  It does wonders for judgment.  Just sayin’.

I still have a jumble of semi-coherent observations about The Hobbit tour bouncing around in my head.  Naturally, Richard Armitage’s interviews have been foremost in my mind.  While he’s evolved over the years in presentation, I’ve noticed one aspect has always remained the same: his head movements.  Initially I interpreted these delicate nods and dips of the head as indications of shyness and many did following his early interviews.  Over time, I’ve come to believe he’s not as shy as he seems (for reasons requiring a whole ‘nother post).  Yes, I think the degree stated by fans is a trope.  However, I do think he’s retained the mannerisms of much earlier years.  Notice the earlier days of mostly looking down and peering through his lashes, gentle head bobs and tilts.  (With the deluge of interviews, it’s been hard to find a snippet that exemplifies what I mean).

Here’s one from three years ago.

No Title

Richard Armitage RH2 promotion interview


Here’s another from December past.

Richard Armitage interview from

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Video Interview with Richard Armitage


He reminded me of some one. But who?  At first, I thought it was Princess Diana, famously known for her introverted looking through her lashes interviews.  But then I recalled she didn’t move her head much.  So, who else was famous for the very delicate, almost placed, little graceful nods and bobs?  Then I remembered – Topo Gigio!  I kid you not folks, look at this.  Notice the dreamy eyes and graceful head dips and bobs.

Topo Gigio and Friends – The Ed Sullivan Show

Topo Gigio, the famous little Italian mouse, appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show over 50 times. Topo’s delightful antics, including fun musical moments with his friend Bobo the bear, charmed America. However, the enduring image which remains in the hearts and minds of viewers is how Topo ended his weekly visits, crooning to Ed “Keesa me goo’night, Eddie!”


For the those not of a certain age, Topo Gigio is a famous Italian mouse who I adored when he appeared regularly on the Ed Sullivan show back in the stone age (read: 1960’s).  Little Topo became an Italian and Spanish cultural icon.  He seems to have seen better days now; the last I saw him, he was pitching spaghetti sauce on Italian television in 2005.  Now, it’s not a bad thing that RA reminds me of an adorable little puppet.  It just tickles my funny bone.

I’ll go lie down now.

Happy Second Tuesday; or Missing My Second Blogiversary

Yes, I’m terribly late to the party as usual, but Happy New Year to all.  Welcome, new subscribers and viewers to this blog.  I’m always amazed by the traffic here even when there’s nothing new to read.  Thanks for coming and do feel free to look through the archive.   Also, thank you Dear Readers for your encouragement and steadfastness.  Your patience will be rewarded with more posts soon.  In fact, it’s on doctor’s orders.  Seriously.  But more on that later.

Since the end of November, ArmitageWorld has gone from famine to feast, a glut actually.  It’s provided a cornucopia of subjects to discuss.  There’s still the review of The Hobbit, and a second (and third) look at Thorin.   Then, there’s the epic Richard Armitage report card.  Truth be told, settling on criteria for assessment has been giving me fits, but it’s beeen sorted.  I’m binding and gagging Inner Fangurl, and aiming for the most fair and impartial perspective view possible.  Well, as impartial as an anti-fangurl can be. (Yes, I’m still searching for how to really describe myself).  I’ve also altered the focus from his performance at the NZ premiere to the entire Hobbit tour.   The emergence of RA on the world stage has been too fascinating not to cover in entirety.  Later on, I’ll discuss who I think he is, or isn’t.

Speaking of fascinating, I’ve also been observing fandom’s reaction to the film and tour.   As this blog’s title states, I enjoy watching people.   Even though I’ve been in fandom’s for 20 years, I’ve never had a chance to observe firsthand, a fandom’s response to a crush’s rapid ascension to potential stardom. It’s been quite interesting.  I might get run out of fandom on a rail, but you’re get my unvarnished opinions on my perception of ArmitageWorld after 2+ years, the changes occuring within it, and where I see it heading. 

This all reminds me: my 2nd blogiversary passed on December 28, 2012.   A lot has happened in these past two years personally.  I’ll explore what it has meant for me, where I am currently, and hope to be in the next year.  You’ll see more short stories with my inner trio, Jada, Jodi, and Quiet One (let’s not forget Patty the pom and Dr.G.); the conflicted muses (Sir Guy vs. Thorin?); excerpts from a possible mystery; The Man; and anything else escaping from my fevered imaginings. 

Does that sound like enough to kick off 2013?  Stay tuned.

Oh, and have pic.

Richard Armitage in 2004 photo shoot, courtesy

Richard Armitage in 2004 photo shoot, courtesy

Richard Armitage: A Star Is Born – Serene Sunday Edition – Ave Maria

Richard Armitage thinks about his holiday gift list at the NYC premiere. Courtesy of

Another day when this intrepid reporter can do Real Life stuff.  The Christmas season is in full swing and I’ve done nothing.  Sure, I played Pissy Elf for friends over Thanksgiving weekend, helping them decorate FOUR trees, but I’ve done nothing at home. So, my own tree rises like the Sphinx today, come hell or high water.

As you may know, I start obsessively playing holiday music in the middle of November.  Doesn’t everybody?  But with The Hobbit tour blitz and wall-to-wall RA coverage, I’ve not even blogged a single holiday song yet.  Oi!

Anyway, every time a certain song plays in my list, I starting thinking. (This might not always be a good thing, but bear with me).  I begin visualizing a certain person singing a certain song.  No, not O Holy Night, but Ave Maria, the Bach-Gunod version.  How did you guess?

I’ve heard this song performed by many tenors, but not other voice types I can recall.  However, because of the low, slow, tranquil movement of the music, I believe it can be done by other singers, such as a baritone, like say… RA.  See how I segued to Serene Sunday there?

Think about it, Dear Reader, having heard him sing Lonely Mountain, don’t you think he could do Ave Maria?  It requires more crooning than hitting very high notes; I think he could do it.  Playing in the background is Ave Maria sung by Perry Como.  He was a tenor who crooned most of his pieces.  Gaze at the picture (hard work, I know), and imagine RA’s lower register, singing it.

Would it work?

Have a serene Sunday.






Got that warm fuzzy feeling yet?  Keeping up with The Hobbit tour? Want to congratulate RA? Show your appreciation by gift bombing his Justgiving page!  Show him and the world you care.

You know you want to.


Fan Drive!: The Hobbit Rubbish Gift Bomb of Congratulations

I’ll bah humbug later. Just sayin’.

Servetus had another fantastic idea – donating to RA’s charities in appreciation.  What do you think?  For the next week, why don’t we, as a fandom, GIFT BOMB his JustGiving page?  It would be an early start on the Christmas giving, plus it would be like sending him flowers in congratulations, except better.  Remember the collective  “Just Another Rubbish Richard Armitage” signage he got a kick out of?

How about we each make a donation, not matter how big or small anonymously at JustGiving, and comment: “The Armitage Army Rubbish Gift Bomb of Congratulations, With Love, Us” or some such.  How about it?  If you like the idea, please tweet, Facebook, reblog, and Tumblr.  Remember, the idea is to make a mass congratulatory statement for very worth causes.  (Of course, you can give to other organizations in his name if you so choose).

I think he’d get a kick out of it.




Foolish Friday: A Last Look At Summer

I’ve been mulling that the bag of goodies has been running out when I started wondering if the pool was still open.  Which made think of this pic, for… er… reasons.  Nostalgia.  Right.  I’ll mosey along and search for more screen caps.

Enjoy your weekend.

Lee, played by Richard Armitage, begins his demonstration. Mmhmm. Courtesy of


Foolish Friday: Sir Guy the Movie Star

Since this is Guy Day, I’ve been searching for the right Guy pic but there are so many lovely ones.  How is a woman to choose?  Then I thought of RA’s “I’m not a movie star,” comment (that’s okay, sweetie) and this pic drew my attention:

Richard Armitage as Sir Guy of Gisborne hears the approaching rumble of fangirls. You’re a movie star, babe.  Courtesy of

There’s something about the lighting here.  The almost sepia tone reminds me of the Technicolor movies of old featuring movie stars such as Errol Flynn.  You can imagine how RA would have looked back in the day.  Personally, stars then tended to have more unique, striking features than today’s cookie cutter variety.  The face, followed by the voice naturally, was everything.

Here is the black and white version:

Guy, finding himself in an Errol Flynn swashbuckler, realizes he can go native.  Sorry Marian.

See any difference?  Oh dear, not a bit of snark can I squeeze out while gazing at Richard Armitage (and Sir Guy), on the brink of his own movie stardom.  I feel womanly vapors coming on and must have a lie down.  No, seriously.  The fumes muck up my sinuses something fierce.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.