RA and A Knight in Shining Armor

Once upon a time in far off internet history (last month), a smitten tweeter raised a question:  if you could cast Richard Armitage as a character in a book, who would that be?

There were the excellent but highbrow suggestions such as Heathcliffe in Wuthering Heights.  This would tickle me pink because the 1939 version starred my mother’s lifelong crush, the great Lord Laurence Olivier.  Somebody suggested he should be Mr. Darcy in yet a new Pride and Prejudice but personally I think Pride and Predjudice has been done to death.  It’s time for something more modern yet historical, just as romantic but raunchier.

knight in shining armor coverMy suggestion is the knight Sir Nicolas Stafford  in A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux.  I read this book roughly 20 years ago at an age when bodice rippers appealed to my youthful sensibilities.  This is a bodice ripper of sorts but a charming twist.  It’s a romantic historical fantasy which our hapless heroine, Dougless Montgomery (how’s that for a British name) weeps atop of the tomb of the long dead Sir Nicolas and he comes to life before her.  The rest of the novel follows their adventure of sending him back to his time, 1564, and then in a twist, how to get Dougless back to her time in the 20th century.  There is much intrigue and skulduggery as Nicolas and Dougless figure out how to save each others’ destinies.

This book is romantic and a bit fantastic but it reads like the ultimate chick book.  What woman wouldn’t like this type of fantasy especially with a tall, dark, good looking blue eyed royal hunk challenging them?  When I first read this book many years ago, I wondered who could play this part.  No name readily came to mind until I beheld Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne.  Ladies, the description of Sir Nicolas is Season 3 Sir Guy when he returned from Prince John’s Red Door Resort and Spa.  Exactly.  Sir Nicolas has many opportunities to be bare chested, and well, – bare.  Aside from that, there is an intriguing plot, clever repartee and in the hands of RA and an actress with whom he had chemistry, the story would sizzle.

Dear Reader, RA was born to play this role.  I envision the book made by an independent studio and released as the sleeper of the season.  In the right hands, the adaption would be fabulous.  So, I strongly suggest you get a copy of this book and see for yourself.  Even if you normally dislike potboilers, bodice rippers, and sappy romances, I assure you this story is a cut above; you will enjoy this entertaining and engaging book.

Dougless is confused about who is her Mr. Right.   Take a look at newcomer’s Gratiana’s blog who asks: which one of RA’s characters would you consider Mr. Right?  It promises to be an interesting discussion.

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne, series1-07

Can you picture Richard Armitage as a 16th century knight? I knew you could. Courtesy richardarmitagenet.com