Fantasy Poll Results – Who You Gonna Call?

The poll results are in.  I asked you to have fun with it, and 72 comments later you certainly did, so much so it gave Servetus nightmares.  In a landslide victory, heavyweight Richard Armitage beat poor David Tennant.  Interestingly, three people think my meds are too strong; one considered it all a trap, maybe for the men with the white jacket; three were terribly objective; four like blood and gore; two had caveats; and nobody thought it was a draw.  I suspect the rest of you were simply biased.  I’m shocked, I tell you.

So tell me, if you were offered the dream fantasy job to be RA’s assistant, for what reason would you NOT go?



Fantasy Poll! There’s Some One in the Neighborhood. Who You Gonna Call?

Because Winston has been giving me particular grief this week, a friend called to amuse me with a scenario: Richard Armitage’s secretary calls saying he needs me to come to Wellington immediately.  (I must have passed all the psych and background checks. Amazing.)  Supposedly a good position worth my while awaits.  But then David Tennant’s secretary calls saying I need to come to London ASAP, offering a similar position.  What would I do?

First I thought RA might need me more since he clearly needs a grassroots PR person to whip his image/exposure into shape and get his brand out there.   But DT wouldn’t need such grooming, already having his act together, so I could assist in refining his brand.  I’d get in on the beginning of RA’s rise to stardom; I’d be joining an already rising star with DT.

If I worked for RA, I’d get to work closely with him.  But if he’s as shy and intense as he appears to be and can’t/won’t grow past it, I’d want to strangle him after awhile.  DT seems to be more socially sophisticated but there’s some indication of control seeking that would make me want to strangle him too.  Both of these guys are a different generation; with whom would I be able to better communicate?

But if all things were equal, I’d have to mull over which would be the best deal.  It’s heading to winter in London but spring and summer in beautiful Wellington.  I’ve been to England many times but never to New Zealand.  If I were stationed in London, I could take side trips all over Europe.  If I were in Wellington, I could explore Australia and Far Asia.  Then there’s the question of how would I travel, who pays what, where would I live, etc.

In the end, I couldn’t decide.  Guess it’s time for a poll!  What would you advise?  Just don’t check RA because that’s who you would choose.  If you’ve been following my blog Dear Reader, put yourself in my place.  That should be fun.

The poll closes November 2nd.  Have some fun with this.


DT and RA

DT wonders of his assistant has arrived. RA wonders if she's the one with the shaver.