Interlude XLIX: Another One of Those Shots

Courtesy of that hotel shoot. Please let me know which one so I can give credit.




So I combed through Pinterest of all places looking for photos and found another one from The Infamous Shoot.  It’s another example of what should have been a stunning picture.  Not that it’s bad, but RA appears either too lit up or wears too much make up.  As it stands, this is one of the better photos from that shoot.

Surreal Saturday: Blogging Is Non-Habit Forming

clockSo I just missed the deadline for yesterday’s post.  Ordinarily I write for the next day but this time, I’ve been leaving things until the night of that day’s post.  Oddly since retiring, I’ve not fallen into a routine.  Before, I fit my life into the limited free available after work.  Blogging didn’t pose such a big problem; a three hour post-dinner deadline always loomed.  Now with all the time in the world – you’d think I would write reams.  That’s not been the case.  After 25 years working, it’s hilarious to develop time management problems in retirement.  This goes back to an issue I touched on last year.  I spent my time always reacting to negative motivation on the job (i.e., work deadlines, micromanaging etc).   Now I have to be proactive; all the impetus must come from within.  But that’s one of the problems with/recovering from depression – finding the mysterious self-motivation.

Then I wonder about other people with illnesses who seem to have no problem in the respect.  People like Stephen Fry who acts, produces, lectures, hosts, blogs, geeks, writes, advocates and seemingly has his fingers in every UK entertainment pie despite being bi-polar.  Closer to home, The Bloggess, Jenny Lawson writes books and a hilarious bawdy off-kilter blog even with depressive and anxiety disorders.  Both of these people manage to regiment their time quite well.  Are they juggling many balls to stay ahead of their illnesses, or is The Secret keeping busy and productive with many things.

Maybe I’m suffering from too much time on my hands.

Since you made it this far, here’s a treat – a man who doesn’t have enough time on his hands.  I’d love to ask him about time management.



Richard Armitage photo by Robert Ashcroft

Richard Armitage photo by Robert Ashcroft


Interlude XLI; or Real Life Intruding

I had a “The Man” story percolating on the back burner but Real Life ate my homework. Honest!   Long story short,  my new retiree budget requires me to make a few cuts, including selling my condo.  Right now I’m in a flurry of decluttering that must be completed in a matter of days in time for the listing going live.  All my physical and mental energies are dedicated to making this happen.  So The Man will have to wait for his next foray through the absurd mind of yours truly.

In the meantime, have some suave, clean shaven Armitage.  Do we really need a reason why (other than the NON-BEARDY goodness?)

Richard Armitage picture by Robert Ashcroft

Richard Armitage picture by Robert Ashcroft


Interlude XL – Sexy Smexy

Real Life socializing (read: attending festivals) has me derelict in my writing duties.  I have a nice “The Man” story in the works but it probably won’t get done this week.  So I’ve dusted off my Bag of Goodies and rummaged around.  But what to my wondering eyes should appear but a fresh pic from a not so new Esquire video.  Can’t have too much class, I say.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.

RA thinks his trousers have finally reached tight enough.

RA thinks his trousers have finally reached “tight enough.”


Merry Christmas Eve



I left for friends’ house two days ago for a cookie bake.  The bake turned to elfing and then shopping and eating and  weathering a deep freeze and before I knew it, I just returned home today.  Goodness, do those friends know how to hustle and bustle.  Tomorrow, I return there for Christmas dinner, but today, I visit family.  It’s still very cold but tonight, we are getting SNOW! Whee!  My inner child is quite happy.   So it’s all good in my world.

Have a Merry Christmas if you celebrate it.  Enjoy yourselves and be a safe out there.



You know, just because the entire fandom has been tweeting, blogging, and tumbling pictures of Richard Armitage at the LA BAFTA Tea Party yesterday doesn’t mean I have to jump on the bandwagon.

CA: BAFTA Los Angeles TV Tea

RA at some event. No clue what. Source.

I mean, the pictures would have to be half cropped to shield from view the disaster that occurred below the waist, even if I were to post them.

BAFTA Los Angeles TV Tea 2013

Again, RA at some event. Source.

Ideally, a nice three-quarters head shot with long, curly hair at the nape and a little stubble would have been lovely.

More RA. Wonder where in the heck he went. Source.

More RA. Wonder where in the heck he went. Source.

But since I’m the Anti-Fan gurl and need to preserve my reputation, no pictures like that will appear here.  Nope.  No siree.


Happy Second Tuesday; or Missing My Second Blogiversary

Yes, I’m terribly late to the party as usual, but Happy New Year to all.  Welcome, new subscribers and viewers to this blog.  I’m always amazed by the traffic here even when there’s nothing new to read.  Thanks for coming and do feel free to look through the archive.   Also, thank you Dear Readers for your encouragement and steadfastness.  Your patience will be rewarded with more posts soon.  In fact, it’s on doctor’s orders.  Seriously.  But more on that later.

Since the end of November, ArmitageWorld has gone from famine to feast, a glut actually.  It’s provided a cornucopia of subjects to discuss.  There’s still the review of The Hobbit, and a second (and third) look at Thorin.   Then, there’s the epic Richard Armitage report card.  Truth be told, settling on criteria for assessment has been giving me fits, but it’s beeen sorted.  I’m binding and gagging Inner Fangurl, and aiming for the most fair and impartial perspective view possible.  Well, as impartial as an anti-fangurl can be. (Yes, I’m still searching for how to really describe myself).  I’ve also altered the focus from his performance at the NZ premiere to the entire Hobbit tour.   The emergence of RA on the world stage has been too fascinating not to cover in entirety.  Later on, I’ll discuss who I think he is, or isn’t.

Speaking of fascinating, I’ve also been observing fandom’s reaction to the film and tour.   As this blog’s title states, I enjoy watching people.   Even though I’ve been in fandom’s for 20 years, I’ve never had a chance to observe firsthand, a fandom’s response to a crush’s rapid ascension to potential stardom. It’s been quite interesting.  I might get run out of fandom on a rail, but you’re get my unvarnished opinions on my perception of ArmitageWorld after 2+ years, the changes occuring within it, and where I see it heading. 

This all reminds me: my 2nd blogiversary passed on December 28, 2012.   A lot has happened in these past two years personally.  I’ll explore what it has meant for me, where I am currently, and hope to be in the next year.  You’ll see more short stories with my inner trio, Jada, Jodi, and Quiet One (let’s not forget Patty the pom and Dr.G.); the conflicted muses (Sir Guy vs. Thorin?); excerpts from a possible mystery; The Man; and anything else escaping from my fevered imaginings. 

Does that sound like enough to kick off 2013?  Stay tuned.

Oh, and have pic.

Richard Armitage in 2004 photo shoot, courtesy

Richard Armitage in 2004 photo shoot, courtesy

Interlude XXX: Have A Man Sandwich

I’m trying to figure our how I possibly missed seeing this picture after all these years.   Never laid eyes on it until today.  It’s like two FAN !FAILS  in one.  And Billie Piper got to be the filling in that lovely man sandwich. Looks like RA beat DT to the half-embrace but Billie doesn’t like fazed at all.  Just sayin’.

David Tennant, Richard Armitage, and oh yeah, Billie Piper

EDIT: An eagle eyed fan explained the picture is probably photoshopped.  Well, mystery is solved then!  So, intact fangirl status 2, eyesight: 0.


Serene Sunday – Chances Are

Hello Dear Reader.  I’ve been fighting with Winston, still, this past week.  Right now, he’s run off with his tail between his legs.  So, I’m seizing this window of opportunity to post Serene Sunday.  It just so happens I got a request while chatting in ArmitageWorld last night.  The chatter loves Johnny Mathis’s smooth lush vocals and requested a specific song.  Said she, “Of course, I think of the words as they pertain to RA!”  So, this is for you (you know who you are).

Here is Johnny Mathis singing “Chances Are.”  According to good ole Wikipedia,  “It was listed on Billboard‘s “Most Played by Jockeys” survey for Johnny Mathis, charting in 1957, and was inducted in the Grammy Hall of Fame Award in 1998. The song reached No. 4 on Billboard‘s Best Sellers in Stores survey, along with its flip “The Twelfth of Never.”

Johnny Mathis – Chances Are

No Description

Here are some lovely pics to make your day serene indeed.  Enjoy everybody.



All pictures courtesy of


Happy New Monday!

First things first.  There will be no Fitz’s Journey today for reasons that may lead to a big surprise.  Keep watching in ArmitageWorld for news in the coming weeks, days, hours?

Second, I’m partied out. Over the last few weeks, I lapsed into a life of holiday dissipation and overindulgence.  If it’s possible to overdose on too much food, drink and company, then I need Dr. Track, STAT!  Actually returning to normalcy is welcoming.  My stomach and the scale probably think so too.

Third, because of the change in blogging schedule, it will take a little time to whip up a post for today.  So, grab some coffee, watch the Rose parade and check back.  I should be more coherent by then.

In case you missed this lovely calendar created by Tanni posted on other blogs, take a nice long look at the month of January. My eyes feel soothed already.


Interlude V or Asi Asi

My mind is recovering from the trauma of Mexico, having gained freedom over the weekend.  It won’t do anything but watch Carmen Miranda movies on loop and mutter “no hablo Espanol.”   This is not good.  So I’m once again dipping into the RA Bag of Goodies all week.   Here is a photo from the Cold Feed photo shoot that gets little play.  I like the sexy white shirt and come hither look, befitting the scoundrel, Lee.  Enjoy.

Richard Armitage from the 2004 Cold Feet photo shoot, courtesy


Happy Black Friday!

For those of you out braving the Black Friday insanity, more power to ya!  Meanwhile, I shall be sanely indoors playing elf for my hosts, helping them decorate four trees and a sweeping staircase.  Yes, it’s my own brand of Christmas madness.

In the meantime, I’ll kick off the holiday celebrations by giving you what you really come here for:

RA MattHolyoak-36

Richard Armitage from Project Magazine, courtesy

Have a great day!


Foolish Friday – Hair!

Well look, it’s Friday again!  Time for another Foolish Friday.  Today, darling, gimme head with HAIR.  Yes, class we will study the many hairstyles of a certain Mr. Richard Armitage.  Let’s start.

Here’s a young RA during his dancing days I presume.  This is a nice example of the long carefree style of youth.

hair richard03

Young RA hopes the photo is snapped before he loses the curl.


Next we have a much shorter older cut helped along with a lot of mousse, to go with the vague goatee.

hair StarWarsAutographPic

RA plots how not to drop his popcorn again when his big Star Wars scene comes up.


Finally, a picture in color!  Here RA with the au naturel medium brown hair.  We see the beginning of the characteristic locks brushing forehead style seen in later photos.

hair coldfeet_073

Lee is proud he purchased the best cubic zirconium ring little money can buy.


Here we see the style for which he’s known, dyed dark brown, cut medium short with a high left part.

hair NandSPromo4

John Thornton learns the cost of chicken feet has risen 3 pence a pound.


And of course we must study the long, almost black tresses, courtesy of extensions. Notice that they are reminiscent of the long locks of his dancer days, except much, much much better.  Mmmhmm.  I’m sorry, where were we?

hair RH3_051

Guy schemes to sell overpriced share in Guy's Salon and Spa.


Now we have him minus the extension but retaining the floppy locks, strategically placed just so.  Kudos to his hairdresser.  Seriously.  He’s kept either a long or shorter version of this style.

hair TonyBAFTApic2

RA gives thanks to Guy's Salon and Spa too.


Okay class.  Lest I be accused of bias, I’m including a photo of the current au naturel colored buzz cut, which is brushed quite well here, I must admit.

hair ra2-recognise

RA realizes the little female mouse trying to gatecrash his photo op is a fan.

That’s enough for today class.  Have a happy TGIF.