Richard Armitage Observation #1; or Going to Hell in A Handbasket

I’m having problems with new meds and posting on two hours of sleep.  It does wonders for judgment.  Just sayin’.

I still have a jumble of semi-coherent observations about The Hobbit tour bouncing around in my head.  Naturally, Richard Armitage’s interviews have been foremost in my mind.  While he’s evolved over the years in presentation, I’ve noticed one aspect has always remained the same: his head movements.  Initially I interpreted these delicate nods and dips of the head as indications of shyness and many did following his early interviews.  Over time, I’ve come to believe he’s not as shy as he seems (for reasons requiring a whole ‘nother post).  Yes, I think the degree stated by fans is a trope.  However, I do think he’s retained the mannerisms of much earlier years.  Notice the earlier days of mostly looking down and peering through his lashes, gentle head bobs and tilts.  (With the deluge of interviews, it’s been hard to find a snippet that exemplifies what I mean).

Here’s one from three years ago.

No Title

Richard Armitage RH2 promotion interview


Here’s another from December past.

Richard Armitage interview from

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Video Interview with Richard Armitage


He reminded me of some one. But who?  At first, I thought it was Princess Diana, famously known for her introverted looking through her lashes interviews.  But then I recalled she didn’t move her head much.  So, who else was famous for the very delicate, almost placed, little graceful nods and bobs?  Then I remembered – Topo Gigio!  I kid you not folks, look at this.  Notice the dreamy eyes and graceful head dips and bobs.

Topo Gigio and Friends – The Ed Sullivan Show

Topo Gigio, the famous little Italian mouse, appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show over 50 times. Topo’s delightful antics, including fun musical moments with his friend Bobo the bear, charmed America. However, the enduring image which remains in the hearts and minds of viewers is how Topo ended his weekly visits, crooning to Ed “Keesa me goo’night, Eddie!”


For the those not of a certain age, Topo Gigio is a famous Italian mouse who I adored when he appeared regularly on the Ed Sullivan show back in the stone age (read: 1960’s).  Little Topo became an Italian and Spanish cultural icon.  He seems to have seen better days now; the last I saw him, he was pitching spaghetti sauce on Italian television in 2005.  Now, it’s not a bad thing that RA reminds me of an adorable little puppet.  It just tickles my funny bone.

I’ll go lie down now.

THORIN! or Who’s that Klingon?

Sir Peter and his gang launched a brilliant PR campaign to unveil the Hobbit dwarves over the past week.  The big question became when would Thorin (aka Richard Armitage) be revealed.  I’m not a Tolkien fan. I never read any of the books but did see all the LotR films as seasonal blockbuster entertainment.  The whole suspense of “how will Thorin look?” swept me up in spite of myself.  But truthfully the question for my shallow self was “what will they do to Richard?” This was an extension of the debate raging since he was cast: why cast a younger good looking man to play an older dwarf leader if they are going to obliterate those looks in make-up and prosthetics? (Keep in mind I know nothing about the books and hence can happily wallow in my shallowness.)  Well, he burst upon the scene yesterday.  Everybody and their sisters and brothers rushed to judge.

Thorin shows off his knife. Courtesy of


I felt a bit let down. For one, he is hardly recognizable.  After examining his blurry image from the hobbit reveal a few weeks back, I concluded in relief that RA was prosthetics-free.  But this shows he has enhancements to his nose, brow and fingers.  Something else bothered me too but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  Otherwise, I loved the costume and long flowing grey streaked hair complete with braid.

Throughout the day I read mostly positive reactions, that RA looked awesome, that they could see RA in there, that Thorin was fierce and perfectly realized.  Okay, if they said so.  Then I fell over a reference on Twitter which caused me to laugh out loud.

You've got to admit Worf was hot stuff. Courtesy Cine TextAllStar


Thorin looks like a Klingon without ridges. There. I said it.  C’mon, you have to notice a similarity. Look at the wide noses, very prominent brows, long hair, facial hair, and reputation for uber maleness and fierceness.  I couldn’t help making the Klingon comparison because it was the only thing to which I could relate.  Well, this amused me most of the day while I remained ambivalent about Thorin’s look.  I perused to see how real Tolkien fans handled it.  The positive reactions gave way to scathing reviews from purists who exclaimed that Thorin and all the other dwarves looked nothing like described in the book and that Sir Peter was leading their literary masterpiece to rack and ruin.  Others retorted there was wiggle room in the book’s descriptions for interpretation and besides the films were adaptions, not literal translations intended to target both fans and larger audiences.  This sounded reasonable and fair.  I wasn’t perturbed by some of the overly hostile reactions and chuckled as I imagined Thorin as Worf’s long lost older brother.

However this morning I came across a tweet that said in essence: “Yes, that Klingon is Richard Armitage.  This is promising to be the unsexiest blockbuster of next year, what a waste. (my italics)”  What a waste?  I thought that harsh and went about my business.  As I showered (don’t we think our deepest thoughts in the shower?), it dawned on me.  What on earth was that tweeter expecting? What was I expecting, an older, shorter, stubbier S3 Guy of Gisborne? Actually, if S3 Guy had shown up, I would have been thrilled to the tips of my toenails.  But Thorin is a dwarf not a man; any other depiction would harm the integrity of the book.  A Tolkien dwarf is not meant to make fans swoon in lust, except maybe Fili, but he’s young.

So I look at Thorin with new eyes.  He has the nose, brow and fingers befitting a dwarf.  The eyeliner, and long black mane and leather suggest S3 Guy which is fine with me. His gray streaks and lines denote an older but still vital leader.  The picture is dark but I’m sure we will be able to see RA’s lovely expressive eyes with no problem.  So yes, they toned down the pretty boy aspect but RA is still there underneath.  And who knows, through RA’s acting, we may find him sexy indeed.  I have no doubt RA will do this character justice.

Thorin will be awesome.