A New Guest Blogger Does A Leicestershire Lad

Today begins a special feature here at Confessions of a Watcher by new guest blogger, Fitzg.

Fitzg is our faithful commenter and sometimes guest interviewee here at ArmitageWorld.  You may have read Servetus’s wonderful interview with her for Fanstravaganza 2.  Fitz is an interesting, cultured and erudite woman with a small problem – she has no blog.  She assures me as a technophobe that will never happen because she is the “Typhoid Mary” of all things high tech.  Such a shame.  But wait- I have the tech know-how and she has the talent. Truly this feature is made in heaven.  When asked to provide a blurb about herself, she said: “It’s always a pleasure to right about Richard Armitage.”  That’s our laconic Fitz.  She’s yet to settle on a title for her bloglet but thought “Journeys through the Work of Richard Armitage” might be catchy.

As you can see, this format is new in ArmitageWorld.  To keep all of Fitzg’s pictures and formatting, I embedded her document in a Google viewer.  You can click the + sign to zoom and read, or you can click the far right corner icon (with the little black box in it) at the top of the viewer.  The page will load a full sized viewer in a new window.  Loading time should be minimal but the wait is worth it. I hope you enjoy this as much as we have. Fitz sees herself blogging sporadically, (so let’s not tell her she will be a regular guest instead.)    So give her some love and feedback and maybe can make that happen.  Be sure to let me know if you encounter any tech problems.

She also needs a blog title.

(If you’re having problems viewing this post in Internet Explorer, try another browser like Firefox or Chrome.  IE does not play well with plugins. If you trouble loading in the small viewer, click the far right icon at the top and it will load in the second viewer.)


[gview file=”http://www.jagrant.com/FitzPosts/ALeicestershireLad.docx”]