For A Good Cause

ArmitageWorld has been doing a bit of fund-raising to assist a celebrity fundraising effort in Christchurch.  Information for Rise Up Christchurch: Te Kotahitanga is here.  It’s a 12 hour telethon that will be broadcast internationally both in NZ and via the internet.

Servetus kicked things off in the blogsphere by offering to donate $1 (USD) for each comment on her post by a unique commentator / IP address up to the first 100 comments. After that 0.25 USD (twenty-five cents) per comment up to a maximum total donation by me of USD 200. (That would be 500 unique commentators / IP addresses.)  RAFrenzy offered to match up to $200 and anonymous commenter offered to match her.  Calexora is also donating and issued a challenge of her own that is shaping up quite interestingly.  Others have notified her they also will be contributing personal donations.

Servetus reported,

…now a comment on my blog earns $3 US for Christchurch if you’re one of the first hundred commentators, and $0.75 US if you’re one of the next four hundred.

Our current UNOFFICIAL comment count (taken at 01:36, May 20th in UTC +2) is: SEVENTY-FIVE COMMENTS FROM UNIQUE IP ADDRESSES. That’s $225 already.

So the next twenty-five unique commentors earn $3 each! And everyone after that just adds to the total.

Can I say that I am really excited about this? Given the synergy here — I was doubtful when I issued the challenge in the first place that we could really make 500 unique commentators — that would be well past a record for this blog — I am hopeful that we will meet the challenges already in place, which will generate $600.

I’d like to see her make that goal.  If you see this post and have not already visited Servetus’s post, won’t you stop by there now and comment?  Just a simple something like “hello!” will convert to money to support a worthy cause helping the people of Christchurch.  I’ll even put my money where my mouth is and donate.

It’s all win-win.

RA with British High Commissioner (Source: UKinNewZealand)