Foolish Friday: Soft Focus

Richard Armitage getting the gauzy treatment.

Hello class.  Hope your week has treated you well.  Me, I was alternately placid and annoyed but that a topic for another.   Today is all about the objectification.  Let’s hit it.

Here is Richard Armitage news program picture from a 2014 interview circuit.   This is a low resolution photo causing artifacts and blurring but the effect reminds me of a soft focus camera setting. The gauzy light makes him appear to have discovered the fountain of youth.  Notice the return of soft radiant youthfulness, the smooth skin and perfect hair curling at the perfect longer length.  (Personally, this is the perfect style for him at this age.  It softens his angular features, balances the high forehead, and covers the elven ears.)    Even the early stubble looks touchable.  While I’m not a fan of dark shirts other than black, the brown does complement his hair.  Overall, it’s a pretty damn good bad picture.  Ah, the misty water colored memories of the way he was.  Sigh.

What do you think?  Do you prefer the old RA or the newer RA?

Foolish Friday: Sensual

Richard Armitage as Francis Dolarhyde displaying the latest in skintight briefs. From the series Hannibal.

Hello class.  How’s your week been?  Did you enjoy last week’s nose study?  Well, we wouldn’t be at out objectifying best if we didn’t examine other…erm…areas. For science, you know.  During my blogging absence, I continue to track Richard Armitage’s roles, including that of Dolarhyde in Hannibal.  Luckily or not (your mileage may vary), I was already watching the show.  In preparing for class, I came across an article describing the character as “sensual and empathetic,” not words I would have used. 

But what’s important is that RA was “half undressed most of the time.”  No I’m not criticizing his acting; it was quite good.  However the character proved quite intense and violent which made viewing a bit daunting.  Hence, I enjoyed the time he was on screen clad in nothing but nice tight black briefs. 

This isn’t the greatest screen shot but RA here still appears as fit as he was as Guy 10 years ago, but let’s be sure.  Shall we?  Perky pecs? Check. Chiseled abs? Oh yes.  Waxed chest? Yes please.  Long finely muscled arms? Mmm hmm.  Looks slightly heavier than the lean Guy days but perfectly acceptable. 

But wait – is that a slight burgeoning love handle?  Personally I think the briefs are so tight that they are cutting him in just a tad at the waist.  The verdict?  I think RA still looks pretty fine at his age, or for any age.

What do you think class?


Foolish Friday: The Nose Has It

Courtesy of Microlina


Welcome back class.  One of the downsides of protracted absences is I lose the advantage to stir the pot, as it were.  For instance, take the old news of Richard Armitage’s nose job that sneaked up on us way back in 2013.  At the time, there was heated debate over whether it had actually occurred or that anybody would suggest it had.  Clearly, he had a slight nose bob with the faintest shaving over the bridge bump.  The change is subtle but obvious overall when seen from different angles.  Great job, eh?  I applaud the cosmetic surgeon who showed restraint in altering it from the allegedly “mean” and “sinister” looking (according to RA) to a more classically formed Caucasian nose. 

Personally, I like the result.  RA stated repeatedly that he never

Courtesy of Microlina on Tumblr

liked it but had become resigned to it because his mother discouraged him.  It’s likely he finally did it to satisfy himself and gain access to more roles and advance his career.   I say more power to him.  If it makes him happy, then it’s all good.

Now that three years have passed and the heat has died down, what to you think?  Is he better with the new nose or should he have left it alone?  Is it too pointy and “Disney prince” like?

Comment below.

Foolish Friday: Moisturize Him!

Courtesy of I have no clue. Let me know.

Well, hello class!  Yes, AGAIN.  I know I’ve been away quite a few times actually but think of it as your teacher taking sabbaticals for her – mental health.  Please know that the blog will transition away from Richard Armitage as soon as I start cranking out original stuff – but not just yet.  There are still issues I need to address about him. Let’s get on with the foolishness, shall we?

I’m as shallow as I’ve always been.  I have the uncanny tendency to pick actors starting in their mid-30’s at the height of their masculine beauty then following them until their 40’s when they reach the cusp of youthfulness.  Then it’s downhill from there and I kick him to the curb.  Well, imagine my wistfulness when I beheld this picture from a last year’s photo shoot after being away for awhile.  (This is not a great one but my source of current photos seems to have tried up.)  At first glance, he’s quite the fit, handsome, dapper man.  But look closer.  Use a magnifying glass.  The lines are more pronounced.  The softness around the eyes is disappearing.  The lips are paler.  The jawline isn’t as firm.   Yes, our Richard is aging

Well, this may not be a shock to you, but it was to me after all this time.  Now this ordinarily would not be a big deal.  I’m sure many men would love looking like this at 45.  But RA is an actor who doesn’t move in ordinary circles.  His vocation idolizes youth and the ability to project youthfulness as long as possible. Here is he is just finally achieving wide success and The Powers That Be ordain that men his age should either move on from lead roles to action parts or secondary characters.  He has reached the time when moisturizer is a given and dermabrasion is recommended.  Dare I mention a facelift on the horizon?  (Personally, male beauty care if fine, but I don’t like facelifts on men. It makes them look too artificial.)

What’s he to do class?



Foolish Friday: Sharing RA with the World

Welcome back to Foolish Friday, class!  I know it’s been gone a long time, but it’s taken me this long to remember what I did on Fridays.  But thanks to Bare-ChestedGate,  my memory jogged and we can return to our regularly scheduled objectifying. Yes!

I just read that Richard Armitage has topped 70,000 followers on Weibo.  In my eminently prepared style, I have no idea what Weibo is but assume it’s popular with non-English speakers. This got me to feeling slightly wistful that our RA has truly been discovered by the world; he’s no longer the obscure actor known only by the UK and its allies (unless that 70,000 are the same people on Twitter).  We can no longer think of him as our little secret (well, except me).  Our boy has burst forth from his cocoon and stands ready to fly away.  That bit of overwrought prose had me looking through photos of the younger RA, when he was happy to get a small part.  Thankfully, the younger RA offered prime objectifying material.  Let’s have a look class.

This is Himself as Lee Preston in Cold Feet.  While it’s not that picture, this rarely posted shot has a lot to offer.  Notice the laid back youthfulness on the cusp of a man in his prime.  The smoothness of the chest and abs contrasting with the hairiness of the forearms and reminding us that he waxes.  The firmness of the jawline.  Although people joke about speedos, I developed a new appreciation with his.  Must have been the color.

Need to run and continue production work.  Your homework is to find other aspects in this picture that the world needs to know.  I know you can do it.

Richard Armitage as Lee in Cold Feet.

Richard Armitage as Lee in Cold Feet. Courtesy


Foolish Friday – Guy Day Friday; or About Chest Hair

Hey, how about those fabulous posts this week?  They would have been incredibly awesome had I been able to get them…out of…my head.  Hmm.  Okay, problems with concentration, persistence and pace have interfered with flow.  But, when the moment seizes me, I seize the opportunity to get the thoughts out.

This brings me to the subject of chest hair.  (The segue is perfectly logical; just work with me).  Some tweeters and commentators have asked how I feel on the issue; they know I’m not a fan of Richard Armitage’s beardy look, but what about his chest?  Well, since it’s Guy Day Friday, let’s look at this picture:


Marian interrupts Guy as he fits his armor. (And we know all knights fit their armor while naked, right?  So why the trousers?)

Here is RA as Guy of Gisborne.  His chest is smooth.  This deserves a closer look.

In a scene totally integral to the story, Guy turns his smoothness to Marian.

In a scene totally integral to the story, Guy turns his smoothness to Marian.

Yup, he’s totally smooth.  If you were to imagine placing your hand on his chest (tough I know, but you can do it), it would glide smoothly, as you felt one defined muscle flow (see there?) into the next without any other sensation, like – hair.  Wouldn’t that feel nice?  Hmm? So ideally, I tend to prefer smooth chests for the same reasons I like smooth faces.  I want to feel see appreciate what’s underneath without peering through a forest of fur.

Richard Armitage unwaxed in photo by Robert Ashcroft.

Richard Armitage: Unwaxed in photo by Robert Ashcroft.

However, RA apparently waxes his chest for these scenes.  From what we can glean from recent photos, the hair is light and sparse, so much so that it makes more sense aesthetically to wax his chest for nude scenes than go au naturel.  It’s a wise choice which I totally endorse.  Hairy men just don’t float my boat.  It’s a personal preference and probably a cultural thing.  But happily, RA isn’t too hairy.  If he were to decide to appear in the future unwaxed, I wouldn’t look away.

I’m not totally crazy.

Have a happy Guy Day.



Foolish Friday: I Got Ya Back, Baby

Hello class.  I’ve been pawing through my stash for worthy lecture material. A few pics elicited some evil chuckles, but I decided to show some class, being RA’s birthday week and all.  But then I spotted this pic on another blog and could not believe that, yet again, it was not given the full and thorough consideration it deserves.   Let’s get started.

Richard Armitage at Comic Con describing just how big it is.   Courtesy of

Forget the gestures and concentrate on what’s important – the backside.  Ignore the atrociously ill fitting shirt and observe the lovely sweep from the back of the neck to the waist.  This side angle does him justice by emphasizing the wide shoulders, curving to the shoulder blades and slowly tapering down to the trim waist in a vee-shaped pattern.   If we were to turn him, like a better looking Ken doll on a revolving platform, we would see the same symmetrical pattern from all sides.  Unfortunately, we cannot see the small of the back that curves in and out again to a well formed tush that fills those jeans quite nicely.  But that’s another post.  I could mention the spinous processes and wonderful lordosis of the spine it took to build this manly view, but won’t because I’m shallow.  My point is – put a discus in his hand and er… remove the clothes… mmm…. and he could be a Greek or Roman statue in a museum.

Do you see this excellent form on any of the other guys in this pic?  I don’t either.

Enjoy your weekend.


Foolish Friday – My Gal, Marian

Today, while looking at the screen cap below for medicinal purposes, I started musing about Marian and trying to understand the story line through her point of view. To my surprise, it wasn’t that hard to do.


Here Marian bravely sallies forth to discuss a detente with the ex-fiance/evil henchman, only to find him trying on armor and half naked by firelight. It’s bad enough that a maiden must swallow her pride and venture out alone clandestinely to a single man’s house at night, but to be faced with this too?  Has he no SHAME?

Here the black-hearted villain is hardly the chivalrous knight, nevermind that he was punched and literally left lying at the altar with a scar on his face to remind him for the rest of his life.  Principle is principle and chivalry is chivalry!

Here the rotten blackguard stands imperiously, muscles rippling, nipples perking, lips slightly pouting, clearly the image of brute force and intimidation.  No wonder poor Marian stammers.  With somebody like this standing over me, my mouth would go dry too.

Here Marian courageously presents the Fingers of Friendship, made even more sincere by being especially reachy.

Here the dirty rascal grasps Marian’s Fingers of Friendship a little too long, riveting Marian to the spot, and thereby constituting false imprisonment.  She’s forced against her will to inhale the aroma of leather, horse and 100% man.  Will this devil stop at nothing?

Luckily for our intrepid heroine, the proximity of Robin Hood’s goodness breaks the bond, thus releasing her from her unwitting entrapment.  The dirty, rotten scoundrel is foiled again, and lives to scheme another day.  (No, there is no screen cap of Robin Hood because HaHAHAHAhaha this isn’t about him.)

So, you’re right Fitzg, I really get a better feel for Marian now.  I ought to rewatch the series; clearly I’ve completely misjudged her.

All screen caps courtesy of

Foolish Friday – Hair!

Well look, it’s Friday again!  Time for another Foolish Friday.  Today, darling, gimme head with HAIR.  Yes, class we will study the many hairstyles of a certain Mr. Richard Armitage.  Let’s start.

Here’s a young RA during his dancing days I presume.  This is a nice example of the long carefree style of youth.

hair richard03

Young RA hopes the photo is snapped before he loses the curl.


Next we have a much shorter older cut helped along with a lot of mousse, to go with the vague goatee.

hair StarWarsAutographPic

RA plots how not to drop his popcorn again when his big Star Wars scene comes up.


Finally, a picture in color!  Here RA with the au naturel medium brown hair.  We see the beginning of the characteristic locks brushing forehead style seen in later photos.

hair coldfeet_073

Lee is proud he purchased the best cubic zirconium ring little money can buy.


Here we see the style for which he’s known, dyed dark brown, cut medium short with a high left part.

hair NandSPromo4

John Thornton learns the cost of chicken feet has risen 3 pence a pound.


And of course we must study the long, almost black tresses, courtesy of extensions. Notice that they are reminiscent of the long locks of his dancer days, except much, much much better.  Mmmhmm.  I’m sorry, where were we?

hair RH3_051

Guy schemes to sell overpriced share in Guy's Salon and Spa.


Now we have him minus the extension but retaining the floppy locks, strategically placed just so.  Kudos to his hairdresser.  Seriously.  He’s kept either a long or shorter version of this style.

hair TonyBAFTApic2

RA gives thanks to Guy's Salon and Spa too.


Okay class.  Lest I be accused of bias, I’m including a photo of the current au naturel colored buzz cut, which is brushed quite well here, I must admit.

hair ra2-recognise

RA realizes the little female mouse trying to gatecrash his photo op is a fan.

That’s enough for today class.  Have a happy TGIF.





Foolish Friday: Those Lips

Sorry I’m late, class but have no fear, a beastly headache can’t keep a good objectification down. Today’s subject: lips.  As you may well imagine, selecting photos was a daunting task.  Since I actually couldn’t choose, I went with some of the lesser used ones to spread the love more fairly.  Let’s get started.

Here we have an early publicity photo of Richard Armitage as Lee from Cold Feet.  As you can see RA has thin lips, with the top more so than the bottom.  Yet there is still shape to the top one.  Are you looking carefully class?  Class?  Well, let’s move on to a better pic.

lips CFpromo10

RA relaxes for a good tight head shot. Courtesy


Here is RA in a publicity show as himself.  Here we can see a definite bow shape to the top lip.

Lips richard08

RA demonstrates the "come hither" look. Courtesy


Here is RA in his main publicity photo with a faint quirk of a smile.  We see the curve of the upper lip, which highlights the bottom lip and makes it seem fuller than it actually is.  Except for the amateur photoshopping, this is a fantastic shot.

RA demonstrates the "Seriously, Come Hither" look. Courtesy


Let’s observe the lips “en smile.”  Here we have a candid/publicity shot with DJ Scott Mills.  The lips do stretch and thin out to reveal an awesome dental job.  Marvelous work.

Lips RA-ScottMills-4May2010

RA considers using Scott Mills as a shield against the fangurls outside. Courtesy


This final pic has so many things going for it, but let’s check out those lips.  The relaxed position of the mouth really accentuates the bow of the top lip and makes the bottom slightly pouty.  This proves that thin lips does not necessarily mean not shapely.

Guy suspects Marion is wearing no bra. Courtesy


That’s it for this Friday.  I’m heading back to bed.  Enjoy the pics and have a great TGIF.


Foolish Friday: The Perfect Six Pack

It’s Foolish Friday again and I’m back with the best objectification the internet has to offer.  Today we study what a casting director remarked upon: the perfect six pack.  It seemed a nice extension of last week’s pec lecture.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Here is an example.  Lee does sport some fine abs but they aren’t as lean as in later years.

Lee wonders if he was supposed to wear a jock strap. Courtesy

Let’s give those abs a little more… exposure.

RA demonstrates he can indeed hold up a wall. Barefoot too. Courtesy

Guy illustrates beefier but still leans abs.  Notice how concave they are in this picture.  Yes class, you’ve seen it before, it’s one of my favorites.  It shows off a dancer’s physique.

Guy strikes "The Pose." Courtesy

Can we really get tired of this photo?  Seriously?  Here you clearly see the muscle definition.  Yup, I count six.

Guy gets up close and personal with his six pack in case Marion's vision is poor. Courtesy

Last week a student asked: but what of John Porter?  Alas, I was remiss again.  He looks nice too.  Here is a close up of the abs.  Here you can see a bit of the six pack from this angle.  Perhaps we’re too close.

John Porter thinks this new yoga equipment is a bit extreme. Courtesy


Here is a better angle.  John Porter is beefier and the delineation in muscle is not quite as defined.  I would still say Guy rates a 10 because of this.

Porter thought the Good Sister meant something else when she asked him to trim the bush.

Well, this should get your Friday off to a good start.  Have a great weekend.


Foolish Friday: Chesticles!

It’s Friday again and you know what that means.  Yes, class is in session with more blatant objectification for your viewing pleasure.  I initially opted for something sublime like feet, but tiredness has me grabbing for the obvious- the chest.  Time to begin!

Let’s start slowly.  How about a little teaser with a towel thrown fetchingly over the pectorals of Percy Courtenay in Marie Lloyd.

chest ML-16

Percy breaks the news to Marie that she can marry him or he will have to charge for his services. Courtesy


Here is poor Lucas, emaciated from eight years in a prison camp.  However he managed to remain quite buff, don’t you think?  Observe the definition in the pecs enhanced by the sloping ribcage to the waist.

chest spooks701_040

Lucas learns the tattoos are actually a coded treasure map. Courtesy


Here is a close-up.  Notice the concavity of the sternum.


A close up of the west and east axis of the treasure map. Courtesty


Enough warm up.  Let’s move straight to what you really come here for:

Here is Guy trying on his magic armor just in case Marion walks in.  Again observe the indention of the sternum, the swell of the pectoral muscles and the sloping abdomen.


Guy is glad Marion finally arrived; that armor was chafing his excellent skin. Courtesy


Here, notice — oh hell, everything.


Guy hopes that last pizza and beer doesn't show. Courtesy

*Cough* Getting back on topic, here is a final close-up of a pair of excellent pecs.


Guy grabs Marion's creeping hand. Courtesy


I think that is enough for today.  Have a good weekend.


Foolish Friday: Profiling

It’s the end of the work week so it must be Foolish Friday again.  Time for more Richard Armitage studies.  We’ve already studied his callipygia, eyes and shoulders.  Let’s take a look at a less frequently discussed asset: his profile.

Here is a screen cap of John Thornton in North & South.  Notice the patrician profile, slightly aquiline but not quite Romanesque.

John Thornton considers the comfort of a newfangled invention - underwear. Courtesy


Here is another more dramatic shot of the profile.  Notice how the high collar, cravat and backlighting accentuate the angles of the face.

Thornton realizes insurance premiums will skyrocket following a study showing cotton mill workers will more likely die from bad cafeteria food than accidents. Courtesy


Here is a rarely seen clip from Cleopatra.  That’s RA as a guard on the far right.

RA hopes he won't drop his popcorn again and miss his bit. Courtesy


But back to a more close-up study.  Here is Lucas showing us how impressive is done.

Lucas thinks he's won the profile contest hands down. Courtesy


This shot is almost turns into three-fourths instead of profile but I love the expression on his face.

Lucas learns his American lover's death being a dream was just a joke after all. Courtesy


Of course I can’t leave this study with out beholding Mr. Patrician himself, Sir Guy of Gisborne.  With the hair, guyliner and stubble, what more could a profile need?

Guy hears Marion threw her chastity belt key down a privy. Courtesy of


This is not a great shot of the profile, but you have to admit it’s a great pose.

Guy casually holds up a wall as Marion just happens around a corner. Courtesy


This shot has nothing to do with profiles but c’mon, Glamour Guy’s on a horse.

Guy fumes that Tree Boy and his hag is ruining his shot. Courtesy

Class is dismissed.  Have a good weekend.


Foolish Friday: Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Since you all liked last week’s objectifying Foolish Friday with Richard Armitage, I’ve decided to extend the fun (or outrage as your case may be).  This week: shoulders.  Not the obvious frontal but the width and breadth from the back.  Let’s find some examples for our study.


Here’s Guy looking quite capable with Marion.  I love the way the light and shadows play across his shoulders, emphasizing them.  The belt also accentuates his narrow waist.

shoulders series1-39

"Mmm Marion. What's that aroma? Toilet de Chicken?" Courtesy

Guy’s shoulders dominate this scene.  That’s all him. I do love a man with broad shoulders, scientifically speaking of course.  Don’t you?

shoulders series1-47

"Marion, what do mean I need to bathe first? I washed when I was made knight!" Courtesy


But wait, other chaRActers caught my eye.  Let’s take a look at John Porter’s shoulders.  Hmm, the shirt could stand being a bit tighter. We can’t accurately assess the underlying musculature.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.


John Porter helps Guy plot his wedding night with Marion. Courtesy

Let’s try another picture of John Porter.  Ahhh, much much better.  Much.


The Good Sister wonders when the Hail Marys will start working. Courtesy


Oops, don’t know how this got in here –   Erm, well you can see his shoulders if you imagine hard.  Sort of.



This photo of RA at the2010 BAFTAs also highlights the shoulders.  Again, note the trim waist.


RA wonders how much closer he needs to be to the reporter. Courtesy Kool Kat and


Anyway, Frenzy teased us with this pic of Lucas teasing us in a winter coat.  This picture proves that even completely covered, broad shoulders are very masculine and sexy.


Lucas gives the cold shoulder. Yeah baby, yeah. Courtesy


Well, Dear Reader, what did we learn from our study?  Well, we learned that the width and breadth of this man’s shoulders are quite impressive.  I’m sure we’ve learned other things too but I need to find a fan.

Enjoy your weekend.


Foolish Friday: These Eyes

It occurred to me I’d gone a whole week without objectifying Richard Armitage.  Isn’t that shocking?  Well, I know what you people come here for.  Let’s pause for a breath of fresh air, shall we?

Here are some pics that grabbed me.  This week it’s the eyes . Let’s start with with some youthful magnetism:

Richard Armitage B&W publicity shot

Richard Armitage learns to tilt his nose just right

I rarely give Lucas any love.  I’ll fix that:

Spooks 9-MainGallery-Epi 800664

Lucas learns his alter ego gets the Hobbit role while he gets to take a swan dive.

And another:

Lucas confesses

Lucas learns his American lover's death was only a dream

I can’t finish up without some Guy love:


Guy learns Marion has sold the engagement ring for a chicken and loo bark

And my all time favorite Guy eye pic:


Guy learns Marion has S&M manuscripts under her bed

Enjoy your weekend everybody.


All photos courtesy of