SDCC and RA: Miscellaneous

While and RichardArmitageCentral slave away archiving the monsoon of ComicCon photos, I was amused by this one from the Warner Bros’ site. Go there now.  There are gorgeous hi-resolutions shots from the autograph signing offered for downloading.

Here RA is standing before one of the official Hobbit 3D posters of himself as Thorin.  I wonder what he’s thinking.  It must be a bit surreal for him to come from being immersed in a closed film world for a year and a half to this blitz.  I hear he said they still had some shots left to complete (this year? next year?), so he may not be able to exit the Hobbit universe just yet.  But when everything is finished, will he finally allow himself to contemplate the enormity of the project and the impact on his life or not?  Not being a Tolkien fan, I have no clue how the LotR cast handled it.