Surreal Saturday

The weekend is here.  I conclude the first week of blogging and didn’t keel over.  Stream of consciousness jotting is easy but concise, precise, introspective prose does require care and time.  I realize how I’ve done so much of the former and so little of the latter. The wheel is still very rusty but I see some bits flaking off.  The weekend is a good time for a mental break, so I’m giving myself breathing space by allowing simple jotting on these days.  Don’t worry.  I’ve got a heavy post coming next week.

I’m drawn to the unusual no matter what medium. Garden variety simply doesn’t hold my interest; I need to have something to pull me in.  I really liked Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio. I adored the book and audio adaption of Vurt written by Jeff Noon. I’m a big fan of the British sci-fi show  Doctor Who because it’s fantastical. (However things do have to have some internal logic, so don’t start me ranting over S9 of Spooks.  Grrr.)

Jane Austen was talented and unusual woman for her time and her literature has endured through the centuries.  What best to kick off my first Silly Saturday but an off the wall mash-up of her work.

And because I know what you people come here for, here is a great video by Delicate Blossom:

4 thoughts on “Surreal Saturday

    • Welcome and thank you! I think as long as the focus is writing by way of sharing experiences, that pitfall can be avoided. I hope. 🙂

  1. My biggest difficulty is knowing when to back off. I agree it’s hard sometimes to know when to take out a sentence, as opposed to leaving it in …… aah, everybody’s favorite Gisborne video … 🙂

    • My biggest problem is sounding too terse. I spit out an idea in one sentence then immediately move to another idea in the next and so on until I have a tree that’s all bark but no foilage.I picked that vid because the song is offbeat like it’s singer. I didn’t want to scare anybody by starting off with one I’ll use later. Hmmm.

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