Surreal Saturday: Taboo?

Welcome back to Surreal Saturday where I serve up the shocking and the weird.  Today Facebook’s questionable algorithm showed me videos from  For the uninitiated, Cracked was a comic book dealing in cartoon spoofs and political satire.  It competed with its better known rival Mad magazine.  In the digital age, it transitioned from cartoons to an online video website.  (The demise of the comic form makes me a bit wistful; both magazines raised spoofing to an art form.)

In its usual irreverent way, tackled a subject considered taboo in some cultures but dear to the heart of every child-bearing aged woman everywhere – menstruation.  The best way to take the sting out of a topic is to make fun of it, and comes through.  And since I love the irreverent, here is the full court press on “Aunt Flo.”



8 thoughts on “Surreal Saturday: Taboo?

  1. One of my grade school classmates wrote for Cracked online for several years, under the pen-name “Glad Stone”; he was a massive Doctor Who fan for a while, and did a whole Cracked article about it. The site puts out some genuinely funny stuff.

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