Surreal Saturday: Richard Sings!

I’m still pondering my review of The Hobbit and Richard Armitage’s performance, but first had to check that asylum invitations in Europe were still good.  They are.  Whew.   So, I shall tread foolishly on. Erm, here, have a picture.

Richard Armitage gets his black on.  Courtesy of Helsingin Sanomat

Richard Armitage gets his black on. Courtesy of Helsingin Sanomat

Yes, there’s nothing surreal about this post, but RA obliged a Finnish interviewer by singing a few bars of Lonely Mountain, a miracle in itself.  It’s the only time we’ve actually heard him singing literally a capella.  You get a better sense on the timber of his voice.  Here is the full interview including James Nesbitt an Aidan Turner.

See what I do for you people?

“That’s first thing in the morning, with a hangover.”

15 thoughts on “Surreal Saturday: Richard Sings!

  1. I loved RA singing in his interview. I had forgotten to bookmark it earlier. Thanks for promoting it!
    P.S. Don’t you just love his collarless shirt and leather jacket? Fab!

  2. I am such a goner where this man is concerned. However, I now find I have reached yet another level of “gone.” He takes his mum to the UK premiere and I discover he does yoga. (He says Bikram yoga blows his mind…the thought of Richard doing yoga blows my mind). Then he sings. Not as Thorin. As himself. A capella. With a hangover. *sigh*

      • Oh dear, Mezz – and judi!! I have an idea a LOT of us are heading to the naughty corner after reading these comments!! 😉 I thought I was already “a goner” but just like you Mezz, I now think I’m SO much further gone with all we have seen and heard lately! It’s getting harder and harder to keep my mind on anything other than him! He is just stunning in these pictures and I love what he is wearing. A hint of Lucas in this black shirt and leather jacket?

        Seriously though, I didn’t thing this man could go any higher in my estimation, but he has!! I thought it was a truly beautiful gesture taking his Mum to the Premiere. Thank you so much for isolating this part of the interview so we could play it over and over. Listening to him sing just made me tingle!! *melts*

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  4. Oh wow!! I’ts enough to make you slide off the chair … as I’ve just done.
    How beautiful …. and what a gorgeous man!

  5. @ Leslieg I’m in Canada and it plays just fine for me! In fact it has played many many times!! 😉 *melts and tingles again*

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