Surreal Saturday: Not Your Mother’s Flight of the Bumble Bee

Here is something surreal.  Because I love strings, I trolled YouTube and fell across this incredible performance by violin virtuoso David Garrett.  Garrett is an international German/American violinist who started as a four year old prodigy.  He’s the best looking musician I’ve ever seen and understandable a young heartthrob.  Garrett determined to set a new Guinness Book World Record by playing Flight of the Bumblebee, already a fast piece, in 1 minute 6.56 seconds, an astonishing 13 notes per second.

This amazing exhibition starts at the 5.35 mark.



14 thoughts on “Surreal Saturday: Not Your Mother’s Flight of the Bumble Bee

  1. David is an amazing musician and has attracted many young people to the instrument and classical music in general, I understand.  You certainly need to check him out on YT playing things like He’s a Pirate.  See attached link below.

    Not to mention Smooth Criminal and AC/DC’s Thunderstruck.  He’s apparently known as the “David Beckham of classical music” and worked as a model while at Juilliard!

    The video worked for me BTW!


    • Now if I’d only looked at your Wikipedia link to David before I commented, Judiang,  I could have saved myself from typing so much as all the info about him is there of course!!  Always did let my mouth run away from me  –  or should that be fingers in the case?  Sorry!

  2. Wow Judiang!  What an accomplished musician he is!  And he’s fun and good looking, too!  He reminds me of another multi-talented fellow.  Cheers!  Grati  ;->

  3. Good Lord!  They said he averaged 13 notes a second at his maximum speed!!  It boogles the mind!

    Normally I might say, playing a song fast, doesn’t necessarily make it better, but for the flight of the bumblebee, it really made it sound even more realistic!

    Also, I have to say… very nice comment screen. 🙂

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