Surreal Saturday: Not Your Mother’s Flight of the Bumble Bee

Here is something surreal.  Because I love strings, I trolled YouTube and fell across this incredible performance by violin virtuoso David Garrett.  Garrett is an international German/American violinist who started as a four year old prodigy.  He’s the best looking musician I’ve ever seen and understandable a young heartthrob.  Garrett determined to set a new Guinness Book World Record by playing Flight of the Bumblebee, already a fast piece, in 1 minute 6.56 seconds, an astonishing 13 notes per second.

This amazing exhibition starts at the 5.35 mark.

David Garrett breaks world record for fastest violin playing

David Garrett becomes the world’s fastest violinist by playing Flight of The Bumble Bee in 1 minute 6.56 seconds, an amazing 13 notes per second. Filmed on BBC TVs Blue Peter programme. For more information about David, go to



14 thoughts on “Surreal Saturday: Not Your Mother’s Flight of the Bumble Bee

  1. David is an amazing musician and has attracted many young people to the instrument and classical music in general, I understand.  You certainly need to check him out on YT playing things like He’s a Pirate.  See attached link below.

    Not to mention Smooth Criminal and AC/DC’s Thunderstruck.  He’s apparently known as the “David Beckham of classical music” and worked as a model while at Juilliard!

    The video worked for me BTW!


    • Now if I’d only looked at your Wikipedia link to David before I commented, Judiang,  I could have saved myself from typing so much as all the info about him is there of course!!  Always did let my mouth run away from me  –  or should that be fingers in the case?  Sorry!

  2. Wow Judiang!  What an accomplished musician he is!  And he’s fun and good looking, too!  He reminds me of another multi-talented fellow.  Cheers!  Grati  ;->

  3. Good Lord!  They said he averaged 13 notes a second at his maximum speed!!  It boogles the mind!

    Normally I might say, playing a song fast, doesn’t necessarily make it better, but for the flight of the bumblebee, it really made it sound even more realistic!

    Also, I have to say… very nice comment screen. 🙂

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