Surreal Saturday: Not Even Your Barbie Redux

Since the fan-sphere has been talking about Hannibal, I thought I’d repost these truly surreal tableau.  Definitely not the Barbie you remember!


Blame Didion.  She started this on her website.   I’ve been searching high and low for something truly surreal, and she gets it in one.  Just *had* to Google this.  It turns out to be inspired by artist Mariel Clayton.  When she photographs Barbie and family, she envisions something a bit…er… different.  (Click all the links in all the articles to see the catalog. Some aren’t even gory or kinky.)

This is so macabre and delightfully twisted, I just had to share.  I’m having a great time dreaming up theories for the evil deeds.

“Play nice with daddy!”


“Evian, not Perrier, mommy!”

Thanks Didion.


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      • She’s also a lot happier now — and to the extent that her blogging was driven either by frustration at work or suffering or escapism, she has less incentive. But she has so much stuff to say. I should give her a poke.

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