Surreal Saturday: Endless Battle!

…As if the blog hasn’t been surreal enough this week.   Our wonderful Fitzg counseled me to keep writing, and I did.  Hence, the unprecedented burst of creativity.  The only problem is topping that, but no worries.  I envision another tour walking by and maybe… maybe… we might check in on The Man.  It was sad to see him that way.  I felt sorry for him myself by the time the story ended.  Is that what writers mean when they speak of characters taking on a life of their own?  Who knew?

To kickstart Surreal Saturday again, I’ve pondered all day what to do.  It’s pretty hard to top Killer Barbie but I’m still searching.   So I decided to returned to my old standby – DeStorm.   It looks like he’s coming up in the world and is producing slicker videos.  The following caught my eye.




4 thoughts on “Surreal Saturday: Endless Battle!

  1. Dear Judi,

    If you’re looking for inspiration, I suggest you try to find footage of the US women’s 4×100 Relay track and field victory here in London yesterday.  I watched the qualifying heats on Thursday and nearly started sobbing it was so emotional seeing the focus and determination on their faces (they nearly set a new Olympic record in just the qualifying race).

    Needless to say, on Friday they absolutely smashed the existing world record (a 27-year old record set by East Germany) en route to victory.  Sometimes I just need to be reminded of the greatness of human teamwork and perseverance – and the sheer joy being a witness to such perfect execution can bring.  As I said, it moved me to tears.


  2. The Olympics! DESPITE all the usual politics, rotten refereeing, and usual, predictable snnipes, has it’s many inspiring moments. Perservere, Walk, and RUN! Personal favourite: Guor Marial of South Sudan, running the under the U.N. flag!  And very happy with our 18 medals to date! Keep on Keeping On. 😀


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