Surreal Saturday – Circle of Life (Lion King)

I couldn’t get let too much time go by without checking out my man DeStorm.  A few weeks ago, I found this great cover of Circle of Life from the Lion King.  It’s not strictly a capella this time but I think you will enjoy it.

Circle Of Life (Lion King) – cover

Please subscribe. It took lots of effort on that intro. Hope you guys like it!



5 thoughts on “Surreal Saturday – Circle of Life (Lion King)

  1. I love it!  This guy DeStorm is amazing!    Not only does he sing well, but his arrangements of him singing all the parts as he accompanies himself–and then producing videos on top of that–are very complex musically.  Has a record label snapped him up?  I tell you, You Tube and other sites certainly give a platform for talented people to share themeselves with the world.  And we are the better for it.
    Cheers!   Grati  ;->

  2. Lions are so alluring – from Born Free to the Lion King. My big old dog was  a lion. Never mind he was smooth-haied and main-less; he was the right colour. 😀


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