Surreal Saturday: Chicken Attack!

Alright then. That was one heck of long pause in scheduled programming.  I went to NYC in November to see Richard Armitage in Love, Love, Love and then – fell off the face of the earth.  During a strange mixture of after-trip fugue, post-election shock, holiday depression and winter doldrums, a strong reluctance to write.  This has been especially problematic since I’m taking a self-publishing course – only with no finished manuscript.  Cart before the horse much?

So what caused you to break through today, you ask.  Well, today would have been my usual Surreal Saturday and guys and gals, I just had to share my love of the bizarre with you and this video doesn’t disappoint.  I saw this Japanese yodeler in a previous video which I can’t find now but he’s back in another surreal but oddly catchy and mesmerizing one.  You’re going to love this. Trust me.  Watch to the end.


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10 thoughts on “Surreal Saturday: Chicken Attack!

    • They are the mother lode of surreal. LOL!

      It’s funny how a simple odd video could finally galvanize me write anything. I’ve been rending my garments, as it were, trying to scale this writer’s block. It has to do with fear, but of what, I’m not sure.

      • My block is not currently the worst it’s ever been (that was 2003-4, when I stared aimlessly at an empty computer screen for months), but it’s unpleasant and I’m trying to figure it out, too.

        One thing that has worked for me in the interval is saying, you just have to write because that is what makes you happy. You never have to show it to anyone.

        • I’ve told myself to write nonsense if need be. Went to a writer’s group tonight which helped get things back in perspective. I could be overthinking this waaaay too much which could be part of the my paralysis.

  1. Hi Judiang! Just wanted to say hi, not in a place where streaming works, tenuous internet connections. But loved what I saw of the video. Yodeling like that is a rare thing. Thanks for passing it along.

  2. Always a pleasure to hear from you, Judi! And the surreal is welcome, too, considering that the “real” is rather unpleasant at the mo.
    Best of luck with your publishing course!!

    • Hey there Guylty. Taking the course may be helping me pick up the ball again. If I feel self-publishing is feasible, then I need a book to use, right? Yeah, my brain works in strange ways.

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