Surreal Saturday

I’ve been in bed, in my best writer swoon, trying to shake some malaise that’s been clinging for the past week.  The downtime has given me a chance to read the fanfic of writers showcased during FanstRAvaganza.  The talent and creativity has both amazed and given me food for thought as writer. Appropriate for Surreal Saturday, I just spent a surreal hour grooming my pom Patty.  She not only flopped on her back and allowed me to brush hardened bit of rubbish out of her tail, but remained calm while I used scissors and a brush to cut out matted fur and lightly groom.  Anybody having dealt with this traumatized high-strung pooch would appreciate how shocking a development this is.  She’s friendly sweet girl but hates for her tail and butt to be touched. Yet, there she lie grinning like it was just an unusual petting session.  Then she climbed into my lap and dozed.  Incredible. Anyway, just realized I haven’t posted video *really* surreal and that this one might fit the bill. There’s nothing deep here, just 9 minutes 38 seconds of WTF.   If the internet were made into a music video, would this be it?  I hate to say it, but yes, yes it is – but they left out the hamster dance.

Seriously NSFW.   Oh, and if you “get” many of the mash-ups, yeah, you’re old.

6 thoughts on “Surreal Saturday

  1. Wow – that was truly unlike Patty! Yay for bonding!Spring break has begun, so guess what? I broke out my last 60-day card and am now back in Aezeroth. Silly me!

    • Yeah, I was so shocked I checked to see if she wasn’t feverish. She seemed okay.Heh, when I finally get back to that, I’ll be so far behind it won’t be funny. Hmmm, wonder if there are any other secret gamers here?

  2. They do hate their tummies and back ends being touched, don’t they?! Dogs or cats…well, how much do we like being prodded by doctors…

    • I adopted from the Human Society Patty when she was about two years old. Her old owner died. Not sure when it happened but she was apparently abused. Her tail is broken and twisted. Needless to say she would totally freak when anybody touched anywhere near there. So this was an incredible breakthrough.

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