Surreal Saturday – 30 Words Rap

Well, it’s time to see what my man DeStorm is doing.  This time he has a challenge: write an entire song using only 30 words. Can he do it?


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2 thoughts on “Surreal Saturday – 30 Words Rap

  1. Love the rythym of rap – the music and the beat. (You have to listen to the words, too; but it is also the music that first grips.) A good upbeat Saturday post. Now back to listen to the words…

  2. This fella, DeStorm, is so creative!  I wonder what he does in “real life”?   Is he a quiet soul whom no one would suspect has musical talent?  Or does he shine brightly as he does here?  I suspect the latter.   I bet he could make any profession seem fun.   Thanks for sharing another lovely and upbeat post and video.
    Cheers!  Grati  ;->

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