Surreal Saturday

Happy weekend!  It’s promising for me because the insufferable heat and humidity has finally broken.  I drop like a fly in this weather so stayed indoors during the worst of it.  It’s the only time I regret not having a car.  This means I must be one of the last people see Harry Potter and Captain America.  I intended to rectify that today: HP or CA?  Decisions, decision, decisions.

For those following my London travelogue, sponsored by Murphy’s Law, I’m still piecing it together.   Thinking about it too hard caused a log jam, but after taking a needed break from the computer, more details are coming back to me.   Memory is funny that way.

Speaking of disasters I came this commercial on YouTube.  It’s funny and on some level identified with the poor guy.


banned beer commercial

beer can save lives, greene king ipa, super


6 thoughts on “Surreal Saturday

  1. I’m behind on reading everyone’s posts as I’ve been mostly away from my computer for a couple of weeks. I look forward to reading more about your England trip.
    I LOLed at this video but I can understand why they pulled it. I know you had some bad luck on your trip but I hope this means it all turned out well!

    • Phylly, welcome back! I’ve been up to know good while you’ve been gone re: the beardy debate in the past few posts. Take a look. 😉

      Oh yes, still working on the travelogue. Lots of surprises. 😀

      • Hi again!
        I’m not home yet — just not always near a computer. I read your beardy posts from my phone, but I don’t know how to comment by phone. Glad you’ve finally come around (sorta) to the beard camp. Funny thing is I think you almost convinced me to join you!
        I think I’ll have to do a beard post myself pretty soon.

  2. Absolutely hysterical commercial – banned?? Some people just have no mordant sense of humour….:) Still, Phylly’s right. A bit over the limit for beer commercial general distribution.

    So, what was it? HP sauce or Captain Armitage? (the latter was someone else’s line, not mine. Credit to them – LOL)

    • Aww, guess I have a european sense of humor. I saw nothing wrong with the commercial, but you know me. 😉

      Sadly I didn’t get there. Then it turned so beastly hot that I stayed in today too. I might end up seeing both films on DVD at this rate.

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