Still More Beardy Horde

One of my pals (INSTIGATOR!) sent this graphic:

Save the beard

The Graphic of Utter Bollocks

It’s posted by Save the Beard in the Love for the Beard group on Facebook.  Apparently there’s a beard and mustache competition in August.  I hear people travel to these contests, even abroad. Interesting concept.  The beard phenomenon is trending now; at the past Oscars, every other movie star wore one. Sheesh. It’s not a good time for a lukewarm beard person like myself. Even the fandom’s beardy horde continues to expand.  Don’t get me wrong; I’ve nothing against beard. A well groomed small beard looks distinguished on the average man.  I just think they do nothing for good-looking men, and in fact, take away a little something.

Before you start sniggering, Richard Armitage is the ONLY good looking man I’ve ever seen to be the exception to the rule.  He’s got the perfect beard facial line and his square jaw and round chin make a great platform for a baby beard.  (Baby as in just grown in, not teenage straggle.)   So yes, I confess that the man rocks a baby beard.  When it becomes too hirsute and unkempt like during the Captain America premiere, then the rule kicks back in again.

See, I can be reasonable.  Some.

Here, have some pretty.

There's a beard?

There’s a beard? Courtesy of


12 thoughts on “Still More Beardy Horde

  1. There are eyes! And I like the beard. There! hmph! Besides, there is something missing on that chart: Causes women to want to stroke it. We have proof.

      • Normally, I’d be with you on the beard question – don’t really like them and think men are either just lazy or are trying to hide a weak chin, but I have to make an exception for RA. The damned dwarf looks so damned sexy, beard and all. And the same goes for for the guy who plays him – mostly that is. I didn’t like the photoshoot from June/July 2011. His hair was too closely cropped and that made the beard too prominent IMO. Sydney this year however – oh, yeah baby. YEAH! 😉

        BTW, I think I may have signed on here twice. 🙂 I keep forgetting who I am where. Hope it is no bother for you.

  2. Beard? It’s hard for me to get past RA’s mesmirizing eyes. Then I jump straight to the neck. My only “objection” to the beard is that on men–like RA–with slim lips, the beard hides them. Ha! Oh and you definitely ended your post with a handsome portrait of beardy RA. Sighhh!

    Maybe handsome men who adopt a beard–groomed or scraggly–are trying to deflect attention from their handsomeness by hiding it? Is a beard somehow more “butch”? And despite RA impishly saying that he thought the beard trend will catch on–even for women–I’ll keep plucking. Ha!

    • See, that’s why I like the baby beard – it’s just full enough to be called a beard, but it doesn’t cover his lips too much. I think the beard trend is what it is, a trend. As soon as fashion moguls say it’s out, out will come the shavers. As for the plucking, I’ve gotten to the point of considering electrolysis. Heh.

  3. I will admit that that I have warmed up to the beard on RA, but still am not big on them. I will also admit I really don’t like mustache’s either. The only reason I bring up the latter is I married a guy with a mustache and have learned to live with it, it is better as it is now pencil thin. In the 24 years we have been together he has only shaved it off 3 times, the first time not until 2007 and twice last year which I could see from a distance and very happy about.

    So I guess what ever way RA’s face is I still like him. Still like stubble the best.

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  5. I’m not a fan of the beard at all! But when it’s a neat well trimmed beard I will put up with it! But not as a permanent feature! On RA it hides that beautiful jawline, those lovely lips and just distracts from his general beauty! Ok I’d best go hide now before I get stoned for my blasphemy!

    • Welcome Dee! Sorry to take so long to reply, but Real Life intervened.

      I totally agree with you. IMHO, good looking men do not need beards. Welcome to the anti-beary horde:)

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