SSDC and RA: 5

Tech issues sorted out!  Your armchair reporter is back in business.  If you’re having issues seeing video, be sure you have the latest Adobe Flash 11.3.

Entertainment Weekly is about to interview the Hobbit cast.  Oh, they are running late.  Their handlers are moving them swiftly on but not swiftly enough.

They have arrived: RA, Ian McKellan, Martin Freeman, Peter Jackson, Andy Serkis, and Pippa Boyens. Martin Freeman talks about being part of the production, and working with the age lapse in the film.  RA seems happy to let him do the talking until directly questioned.

Finally, RA explains his role as Thorin and his perspective of the character.  He’s quite soft spoken, actually.  Sir Ian spoke of being back with the Hobbit family.  Pippa talked about dividing the film in half “in the spirit of the book…”     And then — the interview was cut short, probably to rush the cast for their panel in Hall H.

Here is a my screen cap from the EW interview.

Next up: Live blogging the live blogging from Hall H.

2 thoughts on “SSDC and RA: 5

  1. SOOOOOO excited watching all the live streams plus this EW interview!!!  😀  It’s going to be harder than ever to wait for this movie to come out!  *swoon* –  *sigh*   BTW – doesn’t Richard look just gorgeous??

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