SSDC and RA: Aftermath

Your intrepid reporter moved from her armchair and headed in 200% humidity to The Taste.  It’s decimation is a sad affair.  I returned to see the chat is still going strong.  Join us!

I have a confession to make.  Despite the fact that RA still obscures his face with that pelt, I finally saw a beardy picture….yes, have to say it… that I actually APPROVE.  Servetus just had to show me. The beard horde is seriously gloating in the chat room.   Sigh.  The picture is courtesy of














I’m still chewing on my reaction to RA at ComicCon.  This picture almost makes me want to be sweet.  Yes, I think the weather has gotten to me.  Must have a lie down.


10 thoughts on “SSDC and RA: Aftermath

  1. Totally back to his natural hair colour I would say, not surprisingly. This is a lovely pic of him.  I agree with Teuchter, he’s extremely swoonworthy!

  2. Judi,

    Sorry to hear about the heat over there in Chicago.  One of the things I don’t miss about living in the Midwest (or Boston or NYC or Washington, DC) is the summer heat & humidity!!  Don’t ask me why, but I seem to be okay with the dry summer heat of the Western states.  Luckily, living in London now – it appears I don’t have to worry about either!  I put gloves on yesterday before going out and some mornings I ponder – ‘hmmm, to scarf or not to scarf’?  Oh yes, it’s July 15th here, too.  🙂



    • Gloves!  Scarf!  Wait, I recall a trip to the UK in September and nearly freezing my coat-less butt off in the Lake District.  Had to buy one at Marks & Spencer.  What a hardship.  😉

  3. He looks so sweet!  I do love his natural hair colour very much. It was fun chatting for a bit yesterday.

    I am enjoying so much RAin after the drought, but I wish it would rain where I am.  It’s been too hot for too long and I can’t take it!  No airconditioning!!!

    • Yes, it is a boyish angle.  I prefer a darker shade, but definitely like the longer look.

      It was great seeing you too, Phylly.  No AC???  How can you stand it?  (Yeah, I like I had AC as a child.)

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