SSDC and RA: 6

It’s my understanding there will be no live video feed in Hall H, only live blogging.  So I’m taking the opportunity to grab a bite.  Oh wait!

TORn is about to do an interview with the crew.  They have no idea if they will be able to stream the interview.  After the longest walk I’ve ever seen, the TORn crew is trying to get the camera into the press conference.  Aww, he lost connection, just as he feared.  It’s a bit ironic that TORn is live streaming this but loses connection before they can get to the cast.

Anyway, the EW interview is now on YouTube:

Cast of The Hobbit interviewed by Entertainment Weekly Comic Con

For more Richard Armitage check out our unofficial fansite


I’m now hearing, 34 minutes until the panel.





6 thoughts on “SSDC and RA: 6

    • Hey, I want to thank my wonderful assistants in the chat room who mined the mound of information for some great nuggets.  😀

    • Kathryn, I just played and downloaded it at the same time, didn’t use a link. Couldn’t find it when I looked on YT earlier.

      I tried to cut and paste the link but the whole darn video came up again so I had to delete it!

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