SSDC and RA: 3

Media is flying fast and furious.  Fans are assisting your armchair reporter in chat to bring you latest in a semi-coherent fashion.  While TORN sets up to interview RA and Martin Freeman, be sure to stay tuned for the Hobbit panel in the infamous Hall H in a few hours.  RAFrenzy and HeathRA are there working behind the scenes.  Recent tweets report they are properly situated in the line for Hall H and will be able to get in.

Oh wait, RA was just interviewed.  Unfortunately I could not get the TORN video, but some chatters did.  He was dressed in a black buttoned shirt over black T-shirt – very goth one said. Oh, and a necklace.  Basically he talked about reading the books when he was 8 and going back to it when he was 40 and how Tolkien created legends, not myths.  He also mentioned the cast party “… when they party, they party hard.”

While I have a few words with my tech feed, enjoy some pics courtesy of WBpictures and TORN

courtesy of the TORN Twitter feed


courtesy of WBPictures


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