Yesterday I talked about Richard Armitage’s being callipygian for obvious reasons.  There’s no doubt he’s a very attractive man, but he’s not the only one.  Although ArmitageWorld is dedicated to all things RA, I wonder how many fans have other squees on the side, other actors they crush on.


David Tennant; publicity shot courtesy

It’s no secret that my other crush is another British actor David Tennant (see a pattern here?).  (If this is news you need to start reading my London adventure).  I discovered DT back in 2006 when he played the 10th Doctor on the popular British sci-fi series Doctor Who.  I didn’t even like him at first, but he won me over.  He has much in common with RA: same age, similar upbringing, classically trained in drama school,  similar approaches to acting, similar talents, similar personalities. DT became acclaimed as a Shakespearean actor on the stage before making it big on television.  It’s likely because of DT that I found myself drawn to RA.

As pointed out in the chat room (what, you still haven’t visited?), a big difference between the two is RA wins in the looks department.  DT is cute with boyish looks.  He also has a very slight wiry but slight build, so much so that he’s been accused of not eating properly. I’ll admit DT does not have RA’s stunning good looks or physique.  But while not on the same level as RA in the looks department, many people including myself find him incredibly sexy.  Why?


Richard Armitage; publicity shot courtesy

There are other factors which contribute to sexiness besides looks and physique, such as  personality, presence, and charisma.  Every article I’ve read about him point out these same things in one form or another.  Plus, he has one additional factor: confidence.  He is comfortable in his own skin and aware of his talents without being arrogant.  This shows in interviews and his work.  I find this terribly sexy.

Before RA, I was only able to crush on one actor at a time.  Not sure why that was.  I have spent five years and counting in DT fandom.  Then either my gaze widened or I tapped a new level of perving (otherwise known as graduating to dirty old woman), but I discovered I could appreciate the attributes of two men at once.  And for the record, that has not extended to my real life.  Damn.

So confess Dear Reader; what other actor do you find sexy and why? Can you crush on more than one at a time? Are you straddling two fandoms?  Let me know; tell me your stories!



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  1. You’d probably be surprised to learn that I’m obsessed with Sylvester McCoy… 😉

    (wish there was a preview setting in the comments)

  2. I already admitted on chat I’ve recently been caught dreaming of Michael Fassbender! I don’t think it will ever be in the same league as it was for RA but I do find him terribly sexy, charismatic, confident and he can act too. I have no clue as to his personality but from interviews and his role, he’s definitely someone who’s caught my attention. And normally he wouldn’t be the kind of guy (physique wise) that I would look at. So yes, charisma, confidence and talent count for a lot in my books.
    When I was quite young (I think I was 12) I had a HUGE crush on James Dean. Had posters of him in my room that were bigger than life size! I even wrote a paper on him for a school requirement and got 99% on it. 😀 – So the attraction to the mysterious, sexy, talented, complex, misunderstood (bad boy?) started young…

    • I share the Michael Fassbender crush 🙂

      I’ve have many celebrity crushes over the years, my first grown-up one was Viggo Mortensen.
      After him, Hugh Laurie, James McAvoy, Gerard Butler and since early this year, our beloved Richard.

      I discovered Michael a few months ago and I think he’s stunning. I think the turn-on for me is definetely the talent. Added to the looks and, last but not least, voice and accent 🙂

      I also find DT terribly sexy. He seems intelligent and funny and that’s always a plus.

    • I’ve liked him since Hex when he played a tres sexy vampire. Haven’t seen him in anything since 300; need to fix that. Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Just saw Michael Fassbender for the first time in Jane Eyre earlier this month, but am ASTONISHED at the number of great directors he’s worked with in just the past year: Steven Soderbergh, David Cronenberg, Ridley Scott, and a second pairing with Steve McQueen, so there’s a lot to see! Also, he’s given interviews from some of my favorite neighborhood locations so he certainly has excellent taste in places to live! 🙂

  3. Let me count the number of actor crushes I’ve had….Well SIR Sean was the longest-lasting relationship. He’s too rich and grumpy to bother acting any more. Way back when, there was Laurence Olivier, notwithstanding the considerable age difference. Currently I cheat a bit with Colin Firth, and am developing a regard for Brendan Coyle.
    But no crush has come quite as deep as that for Mr. A. I blame the Net, and blogs, and the Information Age for this. Mostly blame the aforementioned…mostly….

  4. David Duchovny. Mulder is still my all-time favorite fictional character, followed closely by Mr. X and Scully in a tie.

    Duchovny is quirkier looking than RA but I get the impression that he takes being fit more seriously. Oh, and the brain. His fandom has been trying to convince him for years to finish his dissertation and get the doctorate, already, but he’s apparently going the Brian May route.

  5. Well, how long is a piece of string? …
    (I’m going to leave out some of the more obvious and go a bit fringe here)
    Jeremy Northam.
    Ralph Fiennes when he’s hurting.
    Doug Henshall.
    Robert Carlyle. (Hell, pretty much anyone with a Scottish accent!!!Even that little Dr. bloke)
    Jude Law’s chest.
    Tony Hill (character in Val MCDermid books, not necessarily the Robson Green version although he’s OK too)
    Paul McGann (even though he’s too short)
    Many of the Lost men but SAWYER is king (along with John, Desmond and Sayid).
    Bob Dylan (I know he qualifies as odd but he can write a saxy song and he has got “something” beyond looks).
    I am now late for work … I know I will be kicking myself that I forgot squillions as I taxi out of my driveway.

    • Wait, only Jude Law’s chest? Poor man. 😉 Yeah, Paul lies about his height. He says he’s 5’10” but he’s about my height, and I’m 5’8″. And don’t encourage Trinalin over that little doctor bloke. 😀 Thanks for sharing!

    • I can totally go with you on Dylan, beengizzied. Every once in a while he looks awkward but then he works it out again. Really young Dylan (like around “The Free Wheelin’ Bob Dylan”) was sweet looking but I don’t think he got really sexy till he plugged his guitar and his hair in at Newport. Have you ever watched “Don’t Look Back,” the documentary about his 1965 UK tour? It’s interesting watching him being Dylan and becoming Dylan at the same time.

  6. My first crush was John Travolta in Grease but that was brief & innocent as I was Sandy. Skipped the hot boy peeving in my teens as I had high unattainable goals though a few samoerai might have tickled me. Awhile back very first fan site I viewed was Russell Crowe’s can’t recall what movie inspired it but mainly motivated by curiosity. Oh but I do remember crushing for awhile on Dirk Benedict for an oddball reason, even if he was the cocky hottie in Starship Galactica. His biography gives a clue. I crushed heavily on a character in a book series & also the actor who played him on the big screen. Happens to be a Britt too & very self effacing. Personally I’ve never thought sexy is defined by looks but rather how you feel or more importantly make the other person feel.. RA is the first actor I’ve gone GaGa for & crossed over the web to connect with like-minded. I briefly straddled two fandoms again when I discovered / rediscovered Sean Bean’s younger oeuvre though I only connected with a few fans Armitage world is where I belong.. I don’t think I’m as crazy as I used to be though. Though the length of this comment might prove otherwise!!

    • It looks like you were like me, one crush at a time at first, then a flirtation at two at time. Yes, isn’t the internet wonderful? You can literally reach out and touch the other side of the world in a matter of minutes or seconds. I’m sure the internet has changed the face of fandom. Thanks for sharing. 😀

  7. One obsession at a time, multiple flirtations… Beengizzied, I love Robert Carlyle! Hamish MacBeth and FULL MONTY (which wasn’t quite FULL 🙂 and he’s not very tall, pot calling kettle) Also flirting with Clive Owen, Gerard Butler (those Celts/Kilts) Viggo, yes! Liam Neeson (that Celt fixation)…OK, I stray, but don’t stalk this lot on the Net! It’s RA in the forefront!

    • Fitzy, you’ve got a nice list there. So I must be part of the minority that had one obsession at a time. LOL! Well, I’m branching out now. Did I mention I also like Idris Elba (another brit)? I suppose I’m actually straying too, you know, cheating on DT with RA. 😀

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  9. Hi Judiang,

    I’m afraid that I am a one crush at a time RA fan. Of course, years ago, I was quite smitten with Colin Firth’s Mr. Darcy. And then Matthew McFayden’s Mr. Darcy wasn’t bad either. And of course, Hugh Jackman is hands down the best hairy muscular wet chest rising out of the ocean on the planet: See what I mean? Ha!

    But none of my admiration for these and other actors has even approached the singular focus that I have for Richard Armitage since I first “discovered” him in February 2010 when I rented N&S from our local library. I like to say that I am an “avid” fan, not a “rabid” fan of Mr. Armitage’s–but it is a terribly close call. Ha!

    Does my admiration for Mr. Armitage spring from the intersection of perimenapause (mine) and the exquisite storytelling artistry of Mr. Armitage combined with his sweet shyness? Possibly. Hormones are an amazing thing. And I joke to my hubby that he got the hot sexy perimenapausal wife, rather than the she devil hell on wheels wife as some of his coworkers describe their own wives.

    And, I think that the fact that I am in a loving relationship with my hubby–we’ve been together 23 years now, 22 of them married–that I can put my admiration for Mr. Armitage in perspective. Because at the end of the day–or sometimes early morning *wink*–it is my flesh and blood hubby who is my great romance and the love of my life whom I cuddle up next to. And does my hubby mind about my RA admiration? Not really. My hubby quite sanguine about it–even with me making a Sir Guy picture my desktop picture recently. Tee hee. Although, my hubby did humorously jealously joke one time that RA better stay on his side of the “pond”–at which point I had to tell my hubby that RA was in LA and then NY for his Captain America premieres. What did my hubby think? That I would race to the premieres? In a heartbeat if I had had some prior warning. Ha!

    As I’ve said before, I just hope that the prolific and workaholic Mr. Armitage will find true love himself some day. Mr. Armitage has given his fans such pleasure as he has told us his stories that he deserves all he hopes and dreams for in his personal life and more. And for anyone else still looking for your true love and soul mate, I wish that for you as well.

    Cheers! Grati ;->

    • Another vote for single obsession at a time! 🙂

      Sadly I might be the she devil on wheels variety. You are so lucky. You’re also lucky to have a sweet understanding husband. I didn’t realize how some men can be until my ex. Once I made a throwaway comment about some guy on TV and he actually got upset! So yes you should prize your hubby. 🙂

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