Sexy! Redux

Since discussing Richard Armitage’s being callipygian and David Tennant’s sexiness, I have been mulling over the definition of what is “sexy.”   According to the new urban slang, something can be sexy without having to do with sex.  A thing can be sexy if it’s exciting or interesting; it gives you a thrill when thinking about it.

Being a geek, all electronics can be sexy to me. Yes, anything that smacks of computers, electronics, do-dads etc interests me.  But all things electronic aren’t sexy.  There has to be some panache, something special about it that captures my eye and inspires desire – to buy it.  For example, a new Apple laptop launch arrested my attention:


Oooh, this screams, "come here."

No this is not free advertising for Apple (although it could be. Hi Apple!)  I’m saying that this new, sleek, compact, screamingly fast, lightweight piece of beautiful engineering strongly appeals to my geek aesthetic sense; it’s sexy.  It thrills me.  I want it although I probably won’t buy it being indoctrinated in PC world.  (Sorry Apple).  But all that won’t stop me from finding it sexy.

So what about you Dear Reader? What things do you find sexy? The taste of chocolate? The smell of a favorite cologne or perfume? The sounds of a man cooking in the kitchen? You know there’s something that gives you buzz.

25 thoughts on “Sexy! Redux

  1. A job I’ve done well – especially if it went better than expected, was something I’ve not done before, or at least not that way or for those people.
    Surprised and delighted bosses FTW.

    Simple and elegant solutions to problems you didn’t realise were there, like a camera memory card with a fold-up flap that reveals a pc usb plug.

    Also cheesecake.

    • Oh, those are good. Yes, there’s a deep satisfaction from and a thrill. I had one of those yesterday. Thanks for your comment Random. 😀

  2. For me, the right male voice is all: my husband, Richard Armitage, Geoffrey Rush… it must be deep, mellow and beautifully modulated, no matter the accent. Not many modern actors manage it unless they are Shakespearean trained but the actors of my mother’s era were par excellence: Stewart Granger, James Mason, Yul Brynner, Cary Grant, Gregory Peck to name a few I have listened to and shivered over.
    Chocolate sexy? Yes: in a box and the most luscious Belgian or Swiss.
    Beautiful lingerie: I love Simone Perele.
    Subtle, softly floral French perfumes or crisp men’s aftershave.
    A man’s well-tailored double breasted suit and shirt with perfectly tied tie.
    A man in a white dinner jacket (see actors above)
    A man in a poloshirt with the collar up and jeans and boatshoes with no socks.
    An Australian farmer in summer with an Akubra hat, a deep blue chambray shirt, chest hair, a tan and blue eyes to die for.
    Oh gosh… must stop. Sorry. Could go on and on and …

    • I thought about you when I mentioned chocolate. 🙂
      I’m partial to a man in a well tailored tux. Get’s me every time.
      Mmm, those are lovely, they got me to thinking and daydreaming… Sigh. Thanks Prue! 🙂

  3. Scents and Voices!!!
    Scents – Chanel For Men!
    For myself, lavender or lemon or Cabouchard de Gres (only a dab-as if I can afford a quarter ounce today)
    The scents of cloves or cinnamon. The scent of lemon polish…
    Voices! (preferably tall) men with deep voices.
    Tall men with baritone voices expressing every emotion, in jeans, dinner jackets (with tie slightly askew, cravates done or undone…
    Tall baritone men with voices of great range, descending from husky to smooth…

    • You and Mesmered have a lot in common, tall velvety voiced men who smell good. Did Heather or DiL ever mention how RA smelled? 😉

      I’ve been thinking. The most sexy thing ever for me is hearing a man cooking in the kitchen. Don’t know what it is, but that puts a huge grin on my face. Yes, that’s more thrilling than an computer. Thanks for sharing your list. 😀

  4. With you on scents! Guy ran thru my mind as I picked up a new candle the other day. It read, ” sensuous aroma of leather”. I bought a dozen! No, not really. Too expensive. May treat myself eventually tho.
    Definitely a guy in Wranglers, preferrably in boots. A little cow poo accentuates the ensemble.
    A man holding a baby!
    A man planting something for me rather chopping down something that is NOT supposed to be choppped.
    Good music.

    • There are actually leather scented candles? LOL! I can tell from your list you definitely the rustic gal. Cow poo and chap won’t do it for me. A gardener? I was about to ask how about the lawn or pool boy but that’s getting into the realm of obvious. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

      • Rustic would be a good description of me, altho I have to admit that tuxes are nice too. Here, tuxes and Wranglers are used for wedding attire! Go figure! A gardener! That cracks me up. Nope, just a willing husband! And with his work load, it is truly sacrificial love to plant stuff for me!
        And yes, leather is popular here in candles. It’s called “Cowboy” (duh!) and is fab. Their Diva is to die for (choc base :). Made in Tyler TX from soy bases and are my all time fav candles. I just wait for someone to give me one cause they are pricey! How can they be wrong with candles called “La Tee Da” and “Miss Priss”?!!! LOL!!, boy, leather, roughnrugged

        • Oh your hubby planting! I get it now. That’s like a man cooking for me. Sooo sexy.

          Here I was thinking candles were all fruit, spice or pine. Thanks for the education.

  5. Shaving always gets me. There’s a scene of Ralph Fiennes shaving in “The End of the Affair” that’s just breathtaking. Watching my husband shave wrapped in a towel, fresh from the shower is…um, is it hot in here?

    • OH YES, how could I forget shaving! Two fandoms ago, a group of us at a convention were gathered together at a party watching a video of Mr. Crush. While we raptly watched a shaving scene, a lone guy wandered in, stared and wondered why we were so enthralled. We explained the sexiness of shaving. He was enlightened and swore to use that with his girlfriend later. I think more men should know this, don’t you? 🙂

  6. Reading that article, jazzbaby, the combination of those two words “wet shave” sound pretty sexy to me! 🙂 My other favourites? Tall men with lovely deep voices, aftershave, and good music. Of course combining all the above would be quite mind-blowing! 😉

    I’m guessing when he said he broke his collar bone running out from behind an ice cream truck that he was possibly just a little lad at the time, had likely just bought the ice cream, darted out to run across the street without looking both ways and was either hit by a vehicle or fell!! Having seen kids do exactly that, I imagine this is what happened. Naturally I could be totally wrong about the whole thing!! I’m willing to be corrected! 🙂

    • See, I visualize him as a grown man, hearing that sexy smexy ice cream truck music, darting out of the house with shirttails flapping, tripping in the street and breaking his collarbone. 😉

      SO, another velvety voice vote. Thanks for sharing. 😀

      • I’m really not sure. Some things I find sexy are definitely related to specific experiences I’ve had. This is a list of things that make me want to have sex when I encounter them (“turn ons”). Any song with a really strong bass / drum track is a good candidate (pop music was semi-forbidden in my childhood).

        Why do you think you find tech sexy? I admit that I get a feeling of joy when I use a piece of tech that works especially well, but I wouldn’t call the feeling sexy.

        • That I don’t know. I’ve always been fascinated by anything electronic since childhood. Maybe it the *thrill* of discovery in a new gadget is what I find sexy.

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