Serene Sunday: Winter Wonderland

Happy New Year all!  Hope you enjoyed your holidays.  Mine was festive and filling – very filling – which leads me to one of two resolutions I made.  Usually I resolve to not make resolutions because I’ll be sure to keep that one.  But this year I really need to accomplish two things.  The second is to lose the all the weight gained during my dark period.  I’ve done it before and will do it again.

The first is to WRITE.  Dr. G. mandated that I park my butt and put fingers to the keyboard.  Every day.  One story.  One paragraph.  One word.  It doesn’t matter what about what as long as I discipline myself to get the words out and over the dreaded Writer’s Block.  I’d love to talk about whatshisname, that Armitage dude, but first I need to examine what’s obstructing the flow.   Then I’ll tackle The Crucible, RA’s surprising effect on me, the Marlise Boland debacle, my final opinion on Thorin, a certain blog nomination, and my place in fandom now.

So this is me, writing.  You, Dear Reader, will keep me honest.  Go ahead.  Hold my feet to the fire.  This is important.

In honor of the fresh snow on the ground, the oncoming winter storm, and my love of the fluffy stuff, I present a favorite song probably posted already, but hey, this is a new January.  So here is Winter Wonderland sung by Johnny Mathis.

Winter Wonderland sung by Johnny Mathis

♪ Make sure to see the new wide screen version; a link is below and also in the video responses. Winter Wonderland ~ Sung by Johnny Mathis ~ No copy infraction intended on my videos. ~ Dedicated to the romantic Christmas heart that beats in each of us.

9 thoughts on “Serene Sunday: Winter Wonderland

  1. *Flicks match ala Wednesday Addams in “Addams Family Values.”*

    Glad to see you writing, Judiang.

  2. Judiang!!
    Every little word and bit helps!! Not enjoying this Chicago Winter Wonderland much, but I’ve had my share of Southern Cal sun for the past few weeks so I’m not complaining too much. I’m looking forward to reading something from you soon!!

  3. Wishing you a wonderful 2015, rich with happiness, health, and prosperity! Yes, write, write, write — it’s as important as breathing. I’m sure the weight will come off before you know it.

  4. Great! I’d love to hear from you every week or every day 🙂 Don’t disappoint me now 😀

  5. I am with you on not making resolutions. When I feel I need to do something I just do it or work on it, no matter the time of year. Will be here cheering you on.

  6. Happy New Year, Judy. I try to send my brightest smile over to you 😀 I only just thought the other day, that actually I’m still waiting for your written impressions of your Crucible-journey (ok, I’m not allowed to complain, as I myself wasn’t anyhow successful in writing down my own experiences at The Old Vic last summer!) and how you’ve had finally settled in in your new surroundings?
    BTW you know how much I look forward reading new stuff from you.
    Southern Germany weather report: We had loads and loads of snow over the Christmas Days and New Year here in Munich, but 2 days ago rain started to pour down heavily and now (almost) everything of that white glory is gone…. leaving only slush and mud…. 🙁

  7. Happy New Year…I never make resolutions either. Doesn’t need to be New Year to decide to make a change or whatever, although to be fair I am useless at sticking to things. Hope you’re able to achieve whatever you need to. Always enjoy your blog xx

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