Serene Sunday: Orinoco Flow

Since a friend of mine likes Enya, I decided to showcase one of her first “breakthrough” global hits recorded in 1988.  According to my pal Wiki, “”Orinoco Flow” peaked at #1 in several countries, including the United Kingdom, where it stayed at the top of the music charts for three weeks. In the US, the song peaked at #24 in early 1989. The song was also highly popular in the early 1990s and was featured on many pop music compilations.”

Hope your Sunday is serene.


5 thoughts on “Serene Sunday: Orinoco Flow

  1. This is the song I most associate with the Revolutions of 1989 and fall of the Berlin Wall — because I was falling in love that fall with a guy who had this album pretty much on constant repeat on his CD player. Thanks for the memories.

  2. This song always brings to mind a favorite memory … it was popular when hubby and I took our first cruise.  In fact, it was on repeat on the ship’s soundtrack. 😉   Thanks!


  3. Enya’s music and voice are unique. Even Orinoco Flow has a calm centre at its base…

  4. Oh sweet! I had a big Enya phase and I think I overplayed it as I tend to revisit her root band; Clannad more often. It’s a record from a time when I bought tapes, can’t recall now if I got the CD mmm will check in the morning ..

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