Serene Sunday: Oh Maria

Two of my favorite Whoopi Goldberg comedies are Sister Act and Sister Act 2 made in the early 1990s.  Goldberg plays a lounge singer in 1968 who is placed in protective custody as a convent nun in order to escape a mob boss.  Sister Act was popular, grossing 231 million worldwide.  The soundtrack album debuted at #74 and eventually reached #40 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart where it charted for 54 weeks.  Having attended parochial schools from the 8th grade starting in the early ’70’s (complete with nuns in full habit), this movie struck a chord with me. 

One of the issues facing the Catholic Church today is how to make religion relevant to current times.  In the movie, Whoopi as Delois, demonstrates one way by using music with a modern flair to attract young people to the church.   The resulting choir scene is fun.


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2 thoughts on “Serene Sunday: Oh Maria

  1. Ha! Not from a parochial school background, but I remember enjoying the original Sister Act and its retro soundtrack (and Harvey Keitel as a gangster). With the Pope bopping and swaying to the music over the closing credits. Oddly, I’ve never seen the sequel… or the Broadway show.

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